CSA Farms Delivering to Twin Cities: S-W

Shared Ground Farmers' Cooperative
Rebecca Jackson
804 E. Margret St.
St. Paul, MN 55106
Phone: 651-621-2771
E-mail: sharedground@

Website: https://sharedgroundcoop.com

Multi-farm Summer, Mushroom, Cheese and Fall Shares Available!

Shared Ground Farmers’ Cooperative is a farmer-owned co-op located in St. Paul, Minn. We are a majority immigrant-owned cooperative with a mission of supporting small, immigrant farms and helping to make environmentally sustainable farming a living wage job for any and all who choose to pursue it. Our farms are located in central and southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin and we're proud to be able to offer an abundant variety of local, seasonal products, all of which are organic certified or grown using sustainable practices (no harsh chemicals or GMOs).

We offer a multi-farm CSA program which means that you will get a changing variety of product throughout the season coming from farmers of many different cultures. Our Summer CSA program is delivered to multiple locations throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul once-a-week for 18 weeks, starting in mid-June. Enjoy weekly newsletters with recipes and farm updates, as well as free classes throughout the season, teaching you how to cook with, store and preserve your box contents! Sign-up here: https://signup.sharedgroundcoop.com.

In 2017, Shared Ground is excited to offer the following CSA Share options:

Full Summer Share — 18 boxes delivered mid-June through mid-October
Half Summer Share — 18 boxes delivered mid-June through mid-October
Fall Share — 4 boxes delivered over 8 weeks mid-October through mid-December
Bountiful Shares — our Bountiful Shares nicely bundle a Full or Half
Summer Share with a locally produced cheese share and locally grown Mushroom share, with the option to add on a Fall Share at a discounted price!


Shepherd Moon Farm
Terry & Julie Arnold
16987 260th Street
Linsdtrom, MN 55045
Phone: 763-607-8196
E-mail: shepherdmoonfarm@gmail.com
Website: https://shepherdmoonfarm.wordpress.com

Shepherd Moon Farm is located on 47 acres of gently rolling hills in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley. We are a mother/daughter team who are committed to caring for the Earth, creating a vibrant local community and developing the local economy.

We have lived on and farmed this land in a sustainable way for 30 years. In our seventh year as a CSA farm, we raise our vegetables free of chemicals using crop rotations, no-till, green manures, animal manures and mulching. Shepherd Moon Farm is determined to foster a healthy environment where people, plants and animals can thrive.

Sixty shares are available mid-May through October. A full share is about a bushel each week and feeds a family of four. Half shares are delivered every-other-week. We offer a sliding scale fee to make fresh produce available to everyone. Pick-up is Thursdays at the farm or at a drop-off site in Minneapolis. We grow a large variety of produce with 8 to 18 different vegetables and herbs available each week.

Sign-up with your deposit by March 15 and you will receive 1-2 early spring bonus shares in April! Occasional berries and fall apples are also offered. Our CSA is intentionally kept small in order to offer more personal attention to both our CSA partners and our vegetables. We have a work requirement for our members to become more familiar with the farm. Come share in the experience of planting, growing and harvesting by making regular visits to the farm!


Shepherd's Way Farms
Jodi Ohlsen Read
8626 160th St. E.
Nerstrand, MN 55053
Phone: 612-306-4211
E-mail: ohlsenread@earthlink.net
Website: www.shepherdswayfarms.com

Shepherd's Way Farms is a pasture-based sheep dairy that handcrafts artisan sheep milk cheese. Our cheese CSA provides a monthly selection of award-winning cheeses, to be picked up in Minneapolis, St. Paul or Northfield.


Sleepy Root Farm
Brandon & Heather Wiarda
803 60th Street
Amery, WI 54001
Phone: 715-607-1096
E-mail: sleepyrootfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.sleepyrootfarm.com

Celebrate life with great food!

Sleepy Root CSA shares make it easy to eat healthy and in-season all spring, summer and fall. Chef-turned-farmer Heather includes great recipes and tips to make sensible and tasty meals. Our goal is to bring you high-quality food that you can feel good about cooking for your family.

Heather, Brandon and 2-year-old Maybelle farm outside Amery, Wis. We recently purchased a permanent home for our operation, and are lovingly transitioning the 20-acre homestead to organic as well as growing our operation to become truly sustainable. This will be our 7th season providing vegetables grown in a sustainable, pollinator-friendly method.

We believe that good food comes from good land stewardship. We practice mindful and compassionate farming, never use synthetic chemicals or pesticides and encourage an active agro-ecosystem through soil management and pollinator crops. We believe building healthy soils creates healthier foods, healthier bodies and happier lives!

We offer payment plans, online payment and three different share sizes to match your household size and eating habits. Shares are delivered to numerous pick-up sites in the Twin Cities Metro Area on Tuesdays or Thursdays including: Northeast Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Mahtomedi, Mendota Heights, St. Anthony Park and Stillwater. Connect to the farm with weekly newsletters, farm happenings and an open invitation for visits.

Check out photos of past CSA shares and our recipe archive at www.sleepyrootfarm.com. We would be thrilled to have you join us for another season of good eating!


Sogn Valley Farm
Dana Jokela
4830 360th Street
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
Phone: 763-614-8853
E-mail: dana@sognvalleyfarm.com
Website: www.sognvalleyfarm.com

Sogn Valley Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm and native plant nursery located in Cannon Falls, approximately 45 miles south of the Twin Cities. We employ a variety of ecological farming practices to maintain soil health and landscape biodiversity while growing vegetables to feed our community. You can get our produce at the St. Paul Farmers’ Market or by joining our CSA program. Native plants are available at the farmers’ market or by special order.

Our Summer Share brings you 18 weeks of produce from early June to early October. We offer both full and half shares. Our Fall Share continues the bounty for another seven weeks, through the week of Thanksgiving. We emphasize familiar, staple vegetables, but you can also expect a smattering of more unusual items throughout the season. All boxes are accompanied by a weekly newsletter with updates from the farm, descriptions of box contents, and recipes for using your produce. We have nine pickup locations in the Twin Cities and south metro.

Beginning in 2017, we’ll also offer a Market CSA Share for those who want maximum choice in the quantity and variety of vegetables they receive. Buy a share of a certain value and we’ll send you a gift card that can be used at our stall at the farmers’ market. Discounts increase for larger shares and earlier payment.

Apprenticeship/Employment Opportunities
We are looking for full- and part-time employees to help in all areas of farm operation. Please get in touch if you’re interested!


Solar Fresh Produce
Sarah Lindblom
1370 Eckert Ave. SE
Buffalo, MN 55313
Phone: 612-810-7497
E-mail: Solarfreshproduce@gmail.com
Website: www.solarfreshproduce.weebly.com

Solar Fresh Produce is a small-scale market garden delivering fresh and nutritious CSA vegetable shares to Plymouth, Minnetonka, Wayzata and Northeast Minneapolis. I use sustainable methods and offer many flavorful heirloom varieties, including tomatoes, lettuce, beans, cucumbers, carrots, dark leafy greens, beets, onions, potatoes, peppers, radish and more. Weekly newsletters contain recipes, storage tips, and seasonal farm updates. Members are invited to the annual field day picnic.

For Solar Fresh, 2017 will be the third season of our CSA. Two share sizes are available June through October. Contact Sarah for more information on pick-up time and locations, prices and sizes. Work share options available.


Spring Hill Community Farm
Michael Racette & Patricia Wright
545 1 1/2 Avenue
Prairie Farm, WI 54762
Phone: 715-455-1319
E-mail: springhill@chibardun.net
Website: www.springhillcommunityfarm.com

Connecting people and the land since 1992.


St. Croix Valley CSA
Liz Talley, Urban Graze (local contact)
P.O. Box 54
Champlin, MN 55316
Phone: 952-201-2330
E-mail: liz@ugraze.com
Website: www.ugraze.com

St. Croix Valley CSA is a quiet community of small family farms near Baldwin, Wis. Urban Graze, Twin Lakes CSA and Savory Spring Farms CSA are a part of this CSA’s extended family.

Delivery is on Thursdays to 20 drop-sites throughout the Twin Cities. The farmers serve as true environmental and land stewardship mentors—sustainability, conservation, low energy, and low waste have been a part of their everyday living without interruption for generations. Farming is by wind, solar, hydro, hand and horse power. Longstanding seed-saving practices offer members many heirloom crops; ice saved from frozen winter ponds provide year-round “refrigeration.”

All produce is grown using pure, organic farming practices. Most all is certified organic. No GMO’s, no chemicals, no pesticides, no hormones, no pollution—not even the noise of machines! This very unique CSA connects members with a special farm community. Boxes include weekly farm letters and stories. There are many share choices, including affordable single season and “ala carte” options, wild crafted produce, eggs, holiday shares, pantry items, and more.

Liz Talley of Urban Graze, local home cook and recipe developer, has facilitated the CSA for six years. Each week members receive meal planning ideas, storage tips, and many creative, easy recipes using combinations of the produce varieties found in their box. A community of experienced farmers means the highest quality control, greater variety and less risk to members. The farms’ “Share CSA” program brings food to low income seniors, kids and families.

We welcome you!


Steady Hand Farm
Jason & Juli Montgomery-Riess
1231 135th Street
Amery, WI 54001
Phone: 715-768-0719
E-mail: steadyhandfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.steadyhandfarm.com

At Steady Hand Farm we love everything about raising vegetables—from seeding, planting and harvesting to preparing, eating and sharing them. Simply put, we raise food for the pleasure it brings. We raise our produce without using synthetic pesticides or herbicides and we promote biological diversity in our production plans. We want food that is safe for our family, friends and neighbors.

For 2017, we are excited to offer 18-week Full, Half and Small CSA Shares, with deliveries in the Twin Cities Metro Area, the eastern suburbs and western Wisconsin. Check out our pick-up sites here: http://www.steadyhandfarm.com/?page_id=329. Add-on shares this season include a 3-Box Fall Storage Share, Mushroom Share and Homestead Boxes for the canners among us.

We raise our produce on a 70-acre farm situated in the mixed pine- birch forests and lake country of Polk County near St. Croix Falls and Amery, Wis. Invite the pleasure of fresh, local, seasonal produce into your home, and let Steady Hand Farm be your farm.


Sylvan Hills Farm
Larry Diehlmann & Jackie Kujak
E2161 530th Ave.
Menomonie, WI 54751
Phone: 651-262-7185
E-mail: thefarm@sylvanhillsfarm.com
Website: www.sylvanhillsfarm.com

We make certified organic produce affordable! One of our challenges is getting the boxes to close.

We are a small mom-and-pop family farm with friendly connections to customers. We are located about 55 miles east of the Twin Cities Metro Area, and are certified organic through a third-party accredited inspection agency. Our produce is vine-ripened and delivered within 24 hours for peak nutrition and freshness. We do not warehouse produce, except for storage crops (onions, garlic and squashes). We have drop-sites throughout various parts of the Metro Area for your convenience:

• Minneapolis: Seward, Powderhorn, Linden Hills, Uptown, University East Bank.
• Saint Paul: South Saint Paul.
• Wisconsin: Menomonie or Hudson.

A weekly newsletter is e-mailed with recipes, box contents and tips. Working on your farm is voluntary and optional. We grow 90+ varieties of vegetables, including heirlooms, traditionals, watermelon and miscellaneous fruit, picked and delivered fresh within 24 hours. Large (1 and 1/9 bushel) or regular (1/2 bushel) options are available for a weekly delivery of either size. We offer an easy four-payment option and discounts for full payment.

We grow soils and biota, which create healthy plants and vegetables high in nutrition. To assure you’re getting the highest standard of quality, we are certified organic to ensure you as the customer are getting what you paid for. We have multiple varieties of carrots, corn, beans, peas, tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, squash, broccoli, cabbage, beets, peppers, kale, chard, onions, herbs and more.


Tangletown Gardens Farm
Scott Endres & Dean Englemann
11407 County Rd. 9
Plato, MN
Phone: 612-822-4769
Email: andrew@tangletowngardens.com
Website: tangletowngardens.com

At Tangletown Gardens Farm we are committed to sustainable agriculture on our 100-acre farm in Plato, Minn., where we grow the delicious, nutrient-rich vegetables, herbs and fruits for your CSA. For us, sustainability isn't just the latest buzz word—rather it's an approach we have instilled in many facets of our farm, from the use of solar energy to power our farm to our extensive composting practices. You can be assured the food in your CSA comes from a farm whose priorities are guided by sustainability and land stewardship.

Tangletown Gardens CSA shares run for 18 weeks from mid-June through mid-October. You will receive flavorful, hard-to-find heirloom varieties and long-standing kitchen favorite produce, grown without chemically-based fertilizers or pesticides. Each week your share is accompanied by a newsletter providing useful information and recipes.

We also host a CSA Day at our farm during the summer so you can see firsthand the land on which your shares have been grown. We offer Full Shares (best suited for a family of four+), Half Shares (ideal for 2-3), Micro Shares (ideal for a single person or as an introduction CSA share), and Fresh Salad Shares, which provides enough leafy greens and no-cook veggies for 3-4 entrée- sized salads weekly.

We offer the following pick-up sites:

• Minneapolis at Fulton Brewery
• Minneapolis at Tangletown Gardens
• St. Paul at Solo Vino
• Thursday pick up at Tangletown Gardens Farm in Plato
• High-5 Liquors in Victoria, Minn.
• Discovery Chiropractic Life Center in Chaska, Minn.
• Spirit of Hope Church in Golden Valley, Minn.
• Pure Life Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Glencoe, Minn.
• Minneapolis at Augsburg College – Christensen Center


TC Farm – Meat CSA
Jack & Betsy McCann
4432 County Road 12
Montrose, MN
Phone: 612-217-1770
E-mail: info@tc.farm
Website: https://tc.farm

TC Farm is a meat and egg CSA with nearly 50 monthly pick-up sites across the greater Twin Cities Metro. We are dedicated to raising the best-tasting food possible. We offer farm-fresh pasture-raised eggs, chicken, 100% grass fed beef and lamb, no-soy grass-fed pork, heritage turkey, hand-made organic spiced sausages, and sous chef ready-to-eat meals.


• Sustainable grazing on green pasture
• Certified and transition organic feed
• Heritage and slow-growth breeds

We NEVER use hormones or any type of growth drug, genetically modified grains, or any other shortcuts. Ever.


• Receive only the type of food you enjoy
• Set your own budget
• Skip a delivery any time
• Make changes any time

Our packages fit in a standard freezer, no chest freezer required.

Our focus on sustainable grazing and pasture-raised, slow-growth heritage breeds produces the most flavorful, healthy and respectful meats available. By moving our herd to fresh pasture on a regular basis, we are taking care of the land we farm, building topsoil, sequestering carbon and protecting local streams along the way.

We offer special member events like springtime farm visits and more. Check out our website and blog at https://tc.farm to learn more, or watch a 60-second video of our farm at https://vimeo.com/163303000.

We are looking forward to feeding you soon!


Thorn Crest Farm
Gary & Maureen Vosejpka
11822 Cabot Ave.
Dundas, MN 55019
Phone: 507-645-4182
E-mail: info@thorncrestfarm.com
Website: www.thorncrestfarm.com

Thorn Crest is a small, family-owned farm overlooking scenic Wolf Creek in Dundas, Minn. (Rice County). Located 30 minutes south of Valley Natural Foods (Burnsville), its 19 acres consist of rolling hills, pasture, woods, orchard, vineyards and fertile fields.

At Thorn Crest we have been growing produce without the use of herbicides and synthetic pesticides for over 25 years. We are committed to caring for our land and providing our members with a wide variety of fresh, nutritious and great tasting produce.

A membership includes a weekly share of produce, starting out light and increasing to anywhere from a ½ bushel to a full bushel of produce, depending on the season and growing conditions. The season runs 18 to 22 weeks, starting late May or the beginning of June. Members can pick up their produce shares at the farm or at a drop-site located at Just Foods Co-op in nearby Northfield or at Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville.

Pick-your-own opportunities may be available at the farm for certain crops. Members are invited and encouraged (at no additional charge) to take advantage of these extras. Possibilities may include peas, green beans, basil, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes and occasionally others. Members can cut their own bouquet from the cutting garden as the season progresses. Limited chicken/turkey/egg shares are available to members. Members are encouraged to stroll around the farm and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

We hope you'll join us for the next growing season. Growing produce is our passion; we'd love to be your farmer!


Treasured Haven Farm
Pete, Peg, Zach & Ike Johnson
53407 Government Road
Rush City, MN 55069
Phone: 320-358-3581
E-mail: csa@treasuredhavenfarm.com
Website: www.treasuredhavenfarm.com

Treasured Haven Farm CSA is an organic family farm that your family can call your own, with options to fit your family, your lifestyle and your budget. Multiple share sizes and options: Small, Basic and Large in Weekly, Every-Other-Week, Peak, Flex, Summer and Fall Seasons, with specialty Juicing, and Custom Shares available.

Veggie shares packed with fresh, tasty vegetable favorites from over 35 crops and 300 traditional, heirloom and fun varieties. Add-ons of organic fruit packs, bulk produce, herb plants and garden boxes, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, chickens, eggs and more.

Membership opportunities beyond delivered veggies: farm visits, Spring Bonuses, Fall Harvests, Veggie Run 5K and kids races, extras. Our valued members make the difference toward enabling the next generation to remain passionate stewards of the land.

CSA Members are our priority, with the best veggies picked fresh for your afternoon pick-ups at over 30 conveniently located drop-sites throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area and suburbs —check our drop-site listing on our farm website.

Delivery options at workplaces or your home possible with early registration as space allows. Contact farm for more information. The farm is an easy drive for events, hiking farm and woodland trails, and enjoying the countryside on 450 acres overlooking the Scenic St. Croix River Valley. Farm trails also host cross-country and adventure trail running races, which are open to everyone!

Visit www.treasuredhavenfarm.com for more information and registration. Hope You can Join Us at Treasured Haven Farm. Thank You for Supporting Local Agriculture!


Turnip Rock CSA
Josh & Rama Bryceson
260 95th Street
Clear Lake, WI 54005
Phone: 715-268-9311
E-mail: turniprock@gmail.com
Website: www.turniprock.com

We are a certified organic family farm with over 10 years of CSA management experience. As a member of Turnip Rock, you are part of a whole-farm ecosystem—we strive for a balanced farm with many carbon-sequestering grazing acres. You’ll have access to our 100 percent grass-fed raw milk aged cheese and pastured meats, plus family-friendly vegetables that you will recognize when you open your box! We invite you to have a look at our website to see what you can expect if you join our CSA.

• We are certified organic. Our values are rooted in sustainability and stewardship.
• Large, Medium, Small share options available.
• "Eat like a farmer" share with all the goods available from our farm, including veggies, cheese, eggs, and meat. Vegetarian option available as well.
• Twenty drop-sites in Twin Cities Metro Area, including Robbinsdale, Eden Prairie, Stillwater, Roseville, Edina, Northeast and St. Paul.
• Weekly delivery on Thursdays for 17-18 weeks, June through October.
• Optional season extension.
• Weekly online blog with recipes and photos that is very popular with our members.
• E-mail reminders to let you know when your box has been delivered.
• Easy online sign-up, payment plans available.
• Proud farm partners of the Harvest for the Hungry program.
• Our CSA members get the best of what we grow—CSA is our first priority.
• Full-time farmers, fully equipped with irrigation, wash stations, coolers and a great crew to bring you the goods in good condition!
• We are a kohlrabi-free farm!


Turtle Hare Farm
Eric Elefson
1460 Queens Ave. S.
Lakeland, MN 55043
Phone: 715-307-2915
E-mail: turtleharefarm@gmail.com
Website: www.turtleharefarm.com

Turtle Hare Farm is a small farm growing microgreens, salad greens and vegetables. The farm specializes in small quantities in order to give each plant individual attention, resulting in a high-quality end product. Farmers’ markets, restaurants, microgreen CSA. We believe food heals and are committed to nourishing our community with fresh, local produce that is sustainably grown. No chemicals used. Follow us on Facebook!


Uproot Farm
Sarah Woutat
6800 County Road 6 NW
Princeton, MN 55371
Phone: 763-389-8450
E-mail: info@uprootfarm.com
Website: www.uprootfarm.com

Uproot Farm is a certified organic diversified vegetable farm about an hour north of the Twin Cities, between Princeton and Cambridge, Minn. In 2017 we will grow six acres of vegetables and offer CSA shares delivered to the Twin Cities, Blaine, Elk River, Hopkins and Cambridge. If you are interested in Uproot delivering to your neighborhood or office, contact the farm.

We enter our seventh season growing for CSA after apprenticing on well-established organic vegetable CSA farms. It was on these farms where we learned how to both grow vegetables and handle veggies post-harvest to ensure maximum storage. With Uproot you know that your veggies were harvested by one of four people, and that we treat your food as we would want ours treated.

Additionally, with Uproot you’re investing in the ecological community on the farm. We’re working hard to provide long term habitat for everything from soil microbes (very important to soil health) to birds, pollinators and the occasional, less desirable, deer. We use cover crops, compost applications and fallow fields in an effort to rejuvenate the soil.

We offer both weekly (18 weeks) and every-other-week (nine weeks) shares, as well as egg shares from Sunshine Harvest Farm. Each week you will receive a newsletter with recipes, storage and handling advice, and news from the farm. Delivery is Thursday, with pick-up between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Visit www.uprootfarm.com to sign-up for a share.

Apprenticeship/Employment Opportunities
Uproot Farm is seeking two employees for the 2017 growing season. Contact Sarah for details.


Waxwing Farm
Anna Racer & Peter Skold
4800 Dent Ave.
Webster, MN 55088
Phone: 952-652-6552
E-mail: farmers@waxwingfarm.com
Website: www.waxwingfarm.com

Waxwing Farm is a 40-acre farm located 40 minutes south of the Twin Cities. This is our seventh year in production, and we will be growing vegetables on four acres, as well as raising pastured pork and poultry.

In farming, we focus on diversity and variety, growing more than 40 kinds of vegetables and raising a variety of different animal breeds. We do not use any synthetic chemicals or pesticides; instead we focus on sustainable practices that promote and enhance the long-term health of our land.

We offer an 18-week vegetable share that starts in mid-June and runs through mid-October. We pack ¾ bushel boxes and offer both full (weekly) and bi-weekly shares. Each week we fill the boxes with 10 to 14 different vegetables, focusing on staple crops but also growing some more exotic varieties to keep things interesting. Add-ons include egg shares and pastured pork (by the whole- or half-hog).

Throughout the season we host several member events on our farm—Strawberry U-pick Day (June), Garlic Harvest (July), Kids Day (August), and a Harvest Party (September). Our delivery options include: on-farm pickup, drop-site delivery and home delivery in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Please see our website for specific drop-site locations and a map of our home delivery range.


Whetstone Farm
Emily Hanson
281 135th St.
Amery, WI 54001
Phone: 612-354-6282
E-mail: whetstonefarmers@gmail.com
Website: www.whetstonefarm.com

Our 40-acre diversified farm is located in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. We grow approximately 3 acres of vegetables and raise a flock of 100% grass-fed sheep for lamb and wool. We also raise pastured heritage hogs. We sell our vegetables primarily through Shared Ground Farmers' Coop, which runs a CSA program in the Twin Cities. We sell our meat through direct sales on farm and an online ordering site: www.farmmatch.com/whetstonefarm.


Winnowburrow Farm
Bonnie Warndahl
N9396 County Rd. G
Colfax, WI 54730
Phone: 612-462-9311
E-mail: winnowburrow@gmail.com
Website: www.winnowburrow.com

Winnowburrow’s CSA is unique in that we strive to exclusively grow heirloom produce in an effort to preserve what is left of our food biodiversity. By supporting our commitment to increasingly rare foods—and saving seed adapted to our farm’s soil and local climate — our shareholders are actively involved in protecting local food security.

Due to our unique choice to cultivate heirlooms and save seeds, our CSA may have a slightly higher cost value than the average farm to account for the extra labor involved in seed-saving. However, the superior flavor and exceptionally high nutritional content of the heirlooms we grow are well worth the extra investment. We are not yet certified organic, but practice strict chemical-free and regenerative methods which restore the health of the local ecosystem and water supply. Additionally, we make a promise to all of our shareholders to plant pollinator habitats during the growing season.

What’s in a box? Winnowburrow CSA shareholders receive 18 shares of seasonal farm goods, including (but not limited to): heirloom garden vegetables; greens; culinary herbs (fresh and dried); flowers, eggs from free-range, organically-fed chickens; and — if all goes as planned — shiitake mushrooms. Our CSA delivery services include residents of Minneapolis/St. Paul. We will also offer a “market style” CSA for on-farm pick-up in the Menomonie/Ridgeland/Colfax area of Wisconsin. All CSA shareholders are eligible to receive a 10% discount on a Thanksgiving Bounty Box and a Heritage breed turkey in November. (Deposit required). Shares begin June 8th on Thursdays.


Wozupi Tribal Gardens
Rebecca Yoshino
2330 Sioux Trail NW
Prior Lake, MN 55372
Phone: 952-233-9182
E-mail: Rebecca.yoshino@shakopeedakota.org
Website: www.wozupi.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WozupiTribalGardens

Wozupi Tribal Gardens is a diverse farm owned and operated by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community. Wozupi is committed to providing locally-grown whole foods using environmentally sustainable methods and fair labor practices. We produce fruit, vegetables, eggs, maple syrup and honey on over 15 acres. Wozupi is a certified organic farm. We offer a variety of seasonally relevant classes, including subjects such as beekeeping, healthy cooking, maple syrup making and food preservation.

Our summer vegetable TSA (Tribally Supported Agriculture) share starts in mid-June and continues through October. Each weekly box is filled with a mix of in-season vegetables. You can expect 10 to 15 items in each box, with a focus on staple vegetables

We also offer these unique supplemental shares:

• Egg Share (one dozen or one half-dozen of certified organic eggs each week).
• Early Winter Share (four bi-weekly deliveries of winter-hardy fresh greens and winter storage crops).