CSA Farm That Deliver to Outstate MN/Western WI

Alternative Roots Farm
Brooke Knisley
11197 130th St.
Madelia, MN
Phone: 507-439-6541
E-mail: alternativerootsfarm@yahoo.com
Website: www.alternativerootsfarm.

Alternative Roots Farm offers certified organic vegetables and apples through CSA Shares, Farm Shares, farmers’ market and direct sales. Winter Shares are new in 2017. ARF specializes in organic and heirloom apples, with over 20 apple varieties currently in production. Apple Shares are offered in the fall.

ARF summer CSA offers people with full shares 18 weeks of deliveries; half shares receive 9, every-other-week. Each 5/9-bushel box contains 8-14 items: diverse seasonal vegetables, some fruit and herbs, including apples for 7-8 weeks. A weekly member newsletter shares recipes, storage tips, farm news and more. Fall Shares are offered in late October.

ARF summer Farm Shares are credits, which are used like cash to purchase straight from weekly lists (Wednesday delivery) or the Saturday farmers’ market. Several add-on options are available to members, including an Herb Booster, Apple Booster, Tomato Share, Wild Greens Booster and Honey Share. ARF eggs are available at Share pick-up.

Summer Delivery: Wednesday – pick-up in New Ulm or on-farm (Madelia area). Home or workplace delivery is available in New Ulm, for a fee. Winter Shares will be added this year, including deep winter Greenhouse-grown greens, complimented by storage crops. Details forthcoming.

Our family farm is nestled on 5 acres in rural Madelia, 12 miles south of New Ulm, 25 miles west of Mankato. Members are welcome and encouraged to visit the farm, which supports vegetables, orchard, a native prairie, pastured pigs and poultry.


Bakers' Acres Farm
Lisa Baker
36861 Co. Rd. 9
Avon, MN 56310
Phone: 320-309-0746
E-mail: info@bakersacresfarm.com
Website: www.bakersacresfarm.com

We’re happy to hear we’re meeting our customers’ needs—thanks for helping us sell out every year! We provide certified organic super fresh, staple vegetables, fruits and herbs like green beans you know how to cook, plus some unusual ones to keep things interesting — all from our own farm. We will continue to provide useful, delicious CSA boxes, a weekly newsletter, and in this 5th year, we’re offering 50 shares. Bakers’ Acres is a certified organic and MAWQCP-certified 15-acre family farm in Avon, Minn. We also raise a small amount of pastured poultry, eggs and beef.

Our success stems from drip irrigation, a food safety plan, a hoop house, wash-and-pack room in the barn, walk-in cooler, and our sincere reverence for the land. We avoid using synthetic chemicals or fertilizers, toxic pesticides and GMO seed.

Share Sizes: We offer two CSA share sizes for 18 weeks (mid-June to mid-October) and use 3/4 bushel boxes: Small (every-other-week) and Large (every week).

Pick-up Locations & Delivery Days:
Tuesdays in St. Cloud, Sartell, St. Joseph, Cold Spring, Avon, Albany and Melrose. We can add a drop -site on our delivery route for five or more customers.

On-Farm Activities:
We welcome CSA members to help with harvest and attend events! To place an online order or for more information, visit www.bakersacresfarm.com.


Common Ground Garden
Kate Ritger, Production Manager
104 Chapel Lane
St. Joseph, MN 56374
Phone: 262-339-7737
E-mail: commonground@csbsju.edu
Website: www.sbm.osb.org/ministries/common_ground_garden

The Common Ground Garden is a community garden that includes a CSA, volunteer opportunities, a newsletter, educational events, and sales at the St. Joseph Farmers’ Market, the Minnesota Street Market and Nick’s Third Floor (local food restaurant in St. Cloud). We are also committed to supporting the St. Joseph Food Shelf and the St. Cloud Catholic Charities Food Pantry.

The Common Ground Garden is a ministry of the Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict and we are inspired by the Benedictine values of environmental stewardship, spiritual connections through our relationships with others, and the sustainability of these values through our work.

We pride ourselves on producing fresh, clean, healthful food picked at the peak of flavor and nutrition. We use cover crops, rotations, compost and ingenuity to produce your food in a way that is healthier for you and healthier for the community. While we are not certified organic, we do not use chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

We offer full- and half-shares for 16-18 weeks from mid-June through mid-October. In addition to produce from the garden, members can add subscriptions from our partners: an egg farmer, an artisan baker, and a grass-fed beef and pork farmer.

Delivery: Thursdays 4 p.m.-6 p.m. at the garden and 5 p.m.-6 p.m. at our St. Cloud drop-off site.


Hilltop Pastures Family Farm
Sara Austin
26134 Jasmine Drive
Fountain, MN 55935
Phone: 507-867-0096
E-mail: farm@hilltoppasturesfamilyfarm.com
Website: www.hilltoppasturesfamilyfarm.com



2017 is our 6th year providing Minnesota families with our 100% pasture-raised CSA meat and egg subscriptions.

Our meat/egg CSA shares are delivered monthly to nine different drop-sites throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area, plus drop-sites in Cannon Falls, Zumbrota, and Rochester, as well as the Midtown Farmers’ Market in Minneapolis. We are your family’s single source for 100% grass-fed and finished beef, lamb and goat, as well as 100% pasture raised pigs, egg layers, meat chickens and turkeys.

At Hilltop Pastures, we believe that if you get to KNOW us then you KNOW your farmer and if you KNOW your farmer you KNOW your food! Join with us today and take a positive step towards changing the world one bite at a time.

We have a variety of different half and whole year CSA subscriptions available from the Basic Bite introductory subscription to the deluxe All American, and everything in between. We even offer the option to create your own CSA share, where you can actually customize your CSA share to be exactly what you want each month. We call it the U PIK’EM subscription and it is extremely popular.

CSA members enjoy the first fruits of our farm and are treated to an annual fall field day complete with lunch on the farm. You’ll also get specials and enjoy discounted purchasing on any additional items you may want to purchase each month.


Hoch Orchard & Gardens
Jackie Hoch
32553 Forster Rd.
La Crescent, MN
Phone: 507-643-6329
E-mail: jackie@hochorchard.com
Website: www.hochorchard.com

Hoch Orchard and Gardens is certified Biodynamic and organic. We grow veggies along with all the fruit. We offer two CSA options:

• Main: May-September.
• Fall: October-December.

We offer a meat add-on and a hard cider add-on. We will be offering a pick-your-own CSA for June to September, focused on fruit in each season!

Our CSA showcases the diversity of our farm—fruit and cider in every box! Our farm is open to the public Saturdays from May through October. We offer pick-your-own fruit and veggies based on the season. We have a farm winery license and offer hard ciders and wines for sale on Saturdays.

Our Facebook page and website have details on other open houses and on-farm events. E-mail jackie@hochorchard.com, check out our website (www.hochorchard.com), or find us on Facebook.


Humble Hands Harvest
Hannah Breckbill
Canoe Ridge Road
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: 507-513-1502
E-mail: humblehandsharvest@gmail.com
Website: humblehandsharvest.com

Humble Hands Harvest, run by Hannah Breckbill and Emily Fagan, serves the Rochester, Minn., area with CSA boxes. In 2017 we will be certified organic for the first time! We deliver full-shares for 20 weeks, from June through October, and half-shares every-other-week. Shares are delivered to the People's Food Co-op in downtown Rochester on Wednesdays. We love to connect people to the land through food!


Open Hands Farm
Erin Johnson & Ben Doherty
4151 320th St. W.
Northfield, MN 55057
Phone: 507-645-2871
E-mail: openhandsfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.openhandsfarm.com

Open Hands Farm is a 20-acre certified organic CSA farm located just two miles north of Northfield, Minn. We think that healthy food should not be a luxury, and that a CSA share is an inexpensive way to enjoy organic vegetables and fruit. Our shareholders come to the farm once-a-week from early June through the third week of October to pick up their share of each week’s harvest, and can mix and match the in-season produce to meet their household’s likes and needs.

We also offer an abundant u-pick section (for shareholders only). The u-pick includes strawberries, raspberries, peas, beans, herbs and flowers, and is well-loved by people of all ages. U-pick crops are usually available on a take-what-you-can-use basis, and are a great opportunity for fresh eating, freezing, canning and/or drying. We aim to have more than enough food available for our shareholders. The leftovers from CSA pick-ups are donated to the local food shelf three-times-a-week in order to share this fresh, nutritious food with our friends and neighbors in need.

We believe in growing food sustainably and creating community around food, and have been happily farming here since 2006.


Oxheart Farm
Cella Langer & Emmet Fisher
N2870 Anker Lane
Stockholm, WI 54769
Phone: 651-380-6988
E-mail: oxheartfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.oxheartfarm.wordpress.com

Oxheart Farm is located in Stockholm, Wis., and we market our products in Red Wing, Minn. Although 2013 marked our first growing season as Oxheart Farm, we are lifelong farmers and grew up surrounded by vegetables and livestock. We offer a three-season vegetable CSA share, as well as pastured chicken eggs, duck eggs and pork. You can buy our veggies and eggs or order meat from us at the Red Wing Farmers’ market, Saturdays 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., June to October.

Our CSA pick up is market-style, which means that you will be able to choose what goes in your CSA share. CSA pick-up is in Red Wing, Minn., and each week a menu board will display the options for the week. You will have choices between multiple veggies within certain categories, like greens, roots or herbs. If there’s anything you don’t like, you don’t have to take it and you can take something else instead!

If there’s something you like a lot, you can take a lot of it (unless it’s in short supply).


Prairie Drifter Farm
Nick & Joan Olson
61369 223rd St.
Litchfield, MN 55355
Phone: 320-693-5502
E-mail: prairiedrifterfarm@gmail.com
Website: http://prairiedrifterfarm.com

Prairie Drifter Farm is a diversified, certified organic vegetable farm serving the communities of Litchfield, Sartell and St. Cloud through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation.

Our farm is committed to building community through food, stewarding the land and supporting vibrant habitat and soils through our farming practices. We are committed to social justice in the food system and work with the Harvest for the Hungry program to bring over 3,000 pounds of produce each year to local food shelves.

Members of our farm can choose full or half CSA shares with produce delivered from June through October. Full shares consist of a ¾ bushel box of produce every week for 18 weeks and half-shares consist of a ¾ bushel box every-other-week for 18 weeks. We raise many of the most popular vegetable and herb crops, along with a few heirloom varieties for flavor and a change-of-pace in your kitchen. We partner with nearby farms to provide optional add-ons such as honey, cornmeal, fruit and grass-fed beef, and hold several member events on the farm each year. Members are welcome to visit or volunteer throughout the season.

Each share box includes a newsletter with simple but delicious recipes that will get you excited to turn your share box into tasty meals and snacks for your family. First and foremost, we strive to provide you with fresh, clean produce that looks great and tastes delicious.


Riverbend Farm
Greg & Mary Reynolds
5405 Calder Ave. SE
Delano, MN 55328
Phone: 763-92-3295
E-mail: greg.reynolds@frontier.com
Website: www.rbfcsa.com

We are a certified organic vegetable farm located just west of Delano, about 35 miles west of Minneapolis. Our CSA season runs 18 weeks from mid-June until mid-October. We grow a wide range of produce that leans toward the familiar staples with a few unusual items thrown in to keep it interesting. We also include some whole grains and dry beans as part of our shares.

Our CSA shares are only available for on-farm pick up. In addition, the produce is presented in a farmers’ market style where you select your own veggies and do not end up with produce that you won't eat.

See our website for more information about our farm, copies of past newsletters, and details on our CSA sign-up.


Simple Harvest Farm
Kathy Zeman
9800 155th Street East
Nerstrand, MN
Phone: 507-664-9446
E-mail: kzeman@kmwb.net
Website: www.simpleharvestfarm.com

Which came first — the chickens or the eggs? At Simple Harvest Farm — both! In our Chickens & Eggs monthly CSA, you get three-dozen fresh eggs and two to three frozen whole chickens, your choice, picked up here at the farm, second Saturday of every month, year-round.

Simple Harvest Farm is 20 acres of rolling farmland seven miles southeast of Northfield. Our land has been managed organically since 2006; all the livestock since 2010. We also raise (all on pasture): turkeys, ducks, geese, meat rabbits, sheep, dairy goats, dairy cows, pigs and bees! Available: honey, beeswax lip balm, goat’s milk soap, goose eggs for crafts, wool. Come visit us!


Spring Wind Farm
Betsy Allister & Andrew Ehrmann
4433 320th St. W.
Northfield, MN
Phone: 952-237-3810
E-mail: farmers@springwind.org
Website: www.springwind.org

We are a community-focused, diversified vegetable farm serving the Northfield area since 2010. We never use chemicals; instead, we feed our soil well to grow delicious, nutrient-dense produce that is healthy for people and the earth. Our CSA shares accommodate your taste: choose from three sizes; pick out which veggies you want each week during on-farm CSA pickup; and have fun with our member U-pick, which includes crops like flowers, peas, green beans, herbs, sweet corn and cherry tomatoes. We cultivate our farm as a community gathering spot...join us!


Threshing Table Farm
Jody & Mike Lenz
2249 150th St.
Star Prairie, WI 54026
Phone: 715-248-7205
E-mail: threshingtablefarm@frontiernet.net
Website: www.threshingtablefarm.org

We’re excited to be looking forward to our 10th year at Threshing Table Farm! We are located in Star Prairie, Wis. We deliver to Hudson, Somerset, Stillwater, Woodbury and New Richmond, as well as have on-farm pick-up. Our list of pick-up sites is always expanding, so please check our website for the most current list, or contact us to request a new site. We make all of our deliveries on Thursdays, starting in June. Our season runs for 18 weeks.

Our farm offers naturally grown produce, we only use organic methods. This in turn ensures that the food we grow is healthy and tastes amazing! We love having visitors out to the farm and encourage our members to join us for tours, potlucks and other farm events. Although not required, you are also welcome to volunteer with farm work as well.

We offer full shares (a ¾ bushel box every week for 18 weeks) and ½ shares (a ¾ bushel box every-other-week for a total of nine boxes). Each box has 10-14 different types of vegetables or herbs in it.

Each share includes a weekly newsletter with news from the farm, a list of what’s in your box and recipes to help you use it. We grow all the basic vegetables, plus a couple that might be new to you to add a little variety. We work with farmer friends to bring you the opportunity to purchase other great farm products: strawberries, raspberries, apples, pasture-raised chicken, grass-fed beef and more!

Please see our website for more information.