Soil Builder Videos

The Land Stewardship Project's Soil Builders' Network is developing a series of short videos highlighting Imagehow farmers are utilizing cover crops, rotational grazing, diverse crop rotations and no-till to build soil health in economically viable ways. We will be adding videos to this page as they are produced. Here's what we have so far:

• Multi-Species Cover Crop Mixes

TJ Kartes of Saddle Butte Ag talks about the advantages of multi-species cover cropping.

• How Do We Stop Erosion?

TJ Kartes of Saddle Butte Ag talks about how cover crops can help "armor" the soil, preventing erosion and fertilizer runoff.

• Cover Crops & Tile Lines

TJ Kartes of Saddle Butte Ag talks about the issue of cover crop roots plugging farmland drainage tile lines.

• Seeding Cover Crops

Southeastern Minnesota farmer Tom Pyfferoen shows how he sets up his old planter for seeding fall cover

Grazing Cover Crops

Kaleb Anderson describes how he uses the grazing of cover crops to heal and build soil health, and generate income.

• Conservation on a Dime

Southeastern Minnesota farmer Ed McNamara describes how he modified used equipment to build a low-cost planter that can interseed cover crops into standing V6 corn.

• Soil Health Workshops

A 5-minute overview of how LSP carries out our soil health workshops in southeastern Minnesota, focusing on a Feb 15, 2017, event in Caledonia that featured Dr. Kris Nichols of the Rodale Institute.