Gender Equity

One aspect of the Land Stewardship Project’s mission is to advance the development of healthy communities based upon our principles of democracy, justice and equity. To achieve the vibrant, resilient communities we envision, there must be gender equity, meaning all persons, regardless of gender or gender identity, must have the same opportunities, rights, benefits and obligations. In acknowledging our shared history of gender oppression, we also recognize that if we are to enjoy the full potential our community holds, this often means ensuring that people who were denied opportunities in the past now receive them.

We seek to build communities built on mutual respect where all are free from sexual harassment, sexual abuse and prejudice or discrimination based on gender. As an organization, as staff, Board, and members committed to justice, we will not allow or excuse behavior, conditions or attitudes among us (staff, Board, and members) that reinforce stereotypes of social roles based on gender.

To realize our ideal of gender equity, the Land Stewardship Project will engage in an ongoing reexamination of its policies and culture, as well as the makeup and relationships of power within the organization. LSP commits to educating staff and members about gender inequity, how to identify it, and how best to support those who are experiencing it. LSP aims for an environment where everyone is able and supported to come forward to discuss and address issues of gender inequity. Furthermore, LSP will establish policies to examine and resolve such issues where they exist.

Finally, LSP recognizes that it cannot be silent where issues of gender injustice exist in our communities. Consequently, we encourage all to speak clearly and publicly with a depth we have not exercised before in pointing out examples of gender inequity in a way that teaches about the unfairness of our current social norms and structures. As an organization, we have an opportunity to demonstrate in practice what gender equity looks like and can mean for all of us. Ensuring everyone’s full contribution without regard to gender or gender identity is an essential step in paving the way for a society based on stewardship, sustainability, economic justice and racial equity.

— Land Stewardship project board of directors, February 2018