April/May/June 2003 Land Stewardship Letter

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Table of Contents

Cover Story…1

• The Farm as Natural Habitat: Can a bridge of understanding be erected between agriculturalists and environmentalists? Yes, but the underlying framework must be that farms are much more than sources of raw commodities.
• Who was involved?


• Giving credit where credit is due
• A tale of two farms: How can two neighbors be treated so differently?
• Letters: A place for people; Truth in advertising
• What's on your mind?

LSP News…5

• Educational farm opening Aug. 9
• Sustainable farms research report published
• Ball serves LSP internship
• Food & Farm Fest brings farmers, consumers together
• Getting to know you: Farmers, lenders & educators start talking sustainable credit
• A glance at the survey results

Policy Update…8

• Minnesota Legislature: Citizen-initiated environmental review gutted, but family farms win against foreign investment
• Analysis: Citizen review of feedlots is helpful, not abused
• Comments support strong CSP
• Packer ban campaign launched
• Checkoff decision expected
• New CSP Web page
• Packer ban campaign

Twin Cities Update…12

• Chewing the fat over farmer-chef relations
• Major points made at farmer-chef meeting

Food & Farm Connection…16

• Food Network finds food in farm country
• Community Foods Day
• Pride of the Prairie breaks down barriers
• 'Soil to Table' June 26
• Stewardship Food Network
• MWFA partners with distributor, food service firm
• Keynote speaker: Don't let MWFA become commodified
• More MWFA farms needed

Navigating the GEIS…20

• Manure spills vs. manure applications—which affects water quality more?
• For more information

Farm Beginnings…21

• Innovative program begins 7th year
• WELCA pitches in for Farm Beginnings
• The next Farm Beginnings class
• LSP in the news
• Opportunities/Resources

Membership Update…22

• Support LSP in your workplace
• Did you miss a Land Stewardship Letter (or 2…or 10)?

Stewardship Calendar…24