July/Aug/Sept 2004 Land Stewardship Letter

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Table of Contents

Cover Story…1

• Eyes on the Perennial Prize: The connection between a dead town, a hang gliding accident, perennial plant cover and one farm's search for economic and environmental stability.


• The endless segmenting of society
• Factory farm subsidies reek of corporate welfare

News Briefs…4

• Glyphosate's last roundup?
• Manure math
• Organic acres
• Who's the real gambler?
• A mingling of muddy waters

Myth Buster Box…5

• Genetic engineering is the only viable method available for improving crops.

LSP News…6

• 2004-2005 Farm Beginnings classes begin Oct. 23
• Farm Beginnings 2004-2005 class dates & times
• Food, family & farming celebrated in southeast Minnesota
• LSP staff news
• Thanks MNFAIR, St. Martin's Tale

Twin Cities Update…9

• Local food, self-sufficiency & sustainability

Policy Update…10

• Farmers & rural residents criticize Minnesota Governor's Livestock Task Force
• Get out of Dodge
• CFFE Lawn Sign
• Creating an informed CSP constituency
• CSP payment estimates for 3 types of Midwestern farms
• We want to heat from you on CSP

Food & Farm Connection…16

• Food Alliance Midwest certified foods now available at a college near you
• Dine Fresh Dine Local
• Johnson serves Food Alliance internship
• Slow food fundraiser Sept. 7


• John Caddy's daily gift


• Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture, and the New American Farmer
• Deconstructing Supper: Is Your Food Safe?

LSP Art Gallery Show…21

• Abundant Harvest


Membership Update…23

• Making gift-giving a part of the future
• Support LSP in your workplace

Stewardship Calendar…24