No. 1, 2016, Land Stewardship Letter

Download a pdf version of this issue here. Extra paper copies are available by contacting Brian DeVore at 612-722-6377 or via e-mail.

Table of Contents

• Let's Work Toward 20% Continuous Living Cover by 2020

Myth Buster Box…5
• The Economics of Neonic Insecticides

LSP News…6
• LSP Staff Changes
• Kroese Named Ag Systems Endowed Chair
• Innovative Soil Testing
• Frantzens Given Spencer Award

Policy & Organizing…8
• A Dairy in Need of an Upgrade
• Restore the MPCA Citizens' Board
• Building a Better Farm Bill
• A Cleaner Bill of Health(care)
• The Key Role of Healthcare Stories
• Healthcare at the 2016 MN Legislature
• Letters from the Frac Sand Front

Farm Beginnings…13
• Farm Beginnings Accepting 2016-2017 Applications
• 'LSP Local' Listserv
• FB Collaborative Website Launched
• Is Farming in Your Future?
• Journeyperson: Taking Farming to the Next Level
• Labor Pains on Sustainable Farms
• LSP Labor Issues Workshop April 17
Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse

Community Based Foods…17
• Gratitude: The Heart of Stewardship
• 30 Years of Community Supported Ag
• Some Thoughts from the CSA Front
• Want to Join a CSA Farm in 2016?

Continuous Living Cover…24
• A Hub of Soil Health Activity
• Soil Health Podcasts

Woman-Powered Farm
Comeback Farms

Admin Corner…30
• LSP & the Annual Audit

Membership Update…30
• Brightening Corners Near & Far
• In Memory & in Honor

Stewardship Calendar…32