No. 1, 2019, Land Stewardship Letter

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A Remembrance…3
• Dean Harrington
• Chris Blanchard

Roots of Justice…4
• LSP Land Gifts & American Indian Sovereignty

Gender Equity & the Land…6
• A Guy Could Use a Gender-Neutral Pronoun

Myth Buster…7
• Marginal Acres & Nitrogen Fertilizer

LSP News…8
• LSP Staff News
• Field Day Examines Water Infiltration
• Dining for LSP
• LSP's Ear to the Ground Podcast
• Family Farm Breakfast
• Feeling Stressed? Help is Available

Policy & Organizing…11
• Frac Sand Case Goes to Supreme Court
• Factory Farm Proposals Defeated
• 2019 Minnesota Legislative Session
• A Victory for Healthcare Funding

Renting It Out Right…14
• Rooting a Landowner Relationship in Soil
• Leases that Fit Your Stewardship Values

Soil Health…17
• Integrating Crops & Livestock: Short-Term Gains, Long-Term Dividends
• LSP Grazing Helpline
• Fact Sheet on Grazing & Financials
• Join the Soil Builders' Network

Farm Transitions…21
Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse
• Minnesota Beginning Farmer Tax Credit
• From Crisis to Community
• Field Day Season Begins

Farm Beginnings…26
• 2019-2020 Course Accepting Applications
• Farm Beginnings in Other Regions
• Farm Dreams

Membership Update…27
• Tvedt Honored for Soil Health Work
• LSP Launches Social Media Initiative
• MOSES Award to Ford, Riddle
• Get Current with LIVE-WIRE
• Go Public With Your LSP Support
• Support LSP in Your Workplace
• In Memory & in Honor
• Membership Questions?
• Volunteer for LSP
• Family Farm Breakfast Volunteers

Storm Lake
Building the Agricultural City
Wildly Successful Farming Available

Stewardship Calendar…32