No. 1, 2021, Land Stewardship Letter

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Table of Contents

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From the Board…3
LSP Leadership Change

Stewardship Roots…4
2 Decades of Farm Beginnings

Myth Buster…5
Deep Soils, Shallow Health

LSP News…6
Staff Changes
In Remembrance: Jo Ann Thomas

Policy & Organizing…8
Minnesota State Legislative Update
Healthcare: No More Band-Aids
2021 Family Farm Breakfast
Federal Policy: Climate Smart Demands
Land Stewardship Action Fund
LSP’s Long Range Plan

Justice on the Land…14
Seeing Whiteness in the Food System

Reawakening Native Farming’s Heritage

Voices From the Land…16
A Few Words for Water

Farm Beginnings…18
A Raw Deal on Farmland
Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse

Farm Transitions…21
Farm Transitions Workshops

The Making of a Successful Landowner
Conservation Leases
Farm Transition Tools

Soil Health…24
Hybrid Rye & an Ecological

Approach to Farming
Join the Soil Builders’ Network

Meditations with Cows


Membership Update…30
Unique Ways to Support LSP

Membership Questions?
Has Your Address Changed?
Volunteer for LSP
T-shirts! Bumper Stickers! Barn Signs!
Support LSP in Your Workplace
In Memory & in Honor

Stewardship Calendar…32
BioBlitz, Soil Health, Farm Beginnings