No. 2, 2019, Land Stewardship Letter

• An on-line version of the Land Stewardship Letter is here.
A pdf version is here.
• Paper copies are available by contacting Brian DeVore at 612-722-6377 or via e-mail.


Table of Contents

Stewardship Roots…3
• LSP Launches New Long Range Plan
• True Independence Lies in Community

LSP News…5
• Mark Schultz Stepping Down
• LSP Staff Changes
Ear to the Ground Podcast
• LSP Takes Next Step on Racial Justice Work
• New LSP Racial Justice Cohort Being Formed
• LSP Potluck-Cookout

Policy & Organizing…8
• Carbon's Crisis Management Potential
• Soil Building Policy
• 2019 MN Legislative Wrap-up
• LSP Members Score Healthcare Victory
• Farm-to-School Advances
• Public Research, Public Benefits
• The Power of Perennial Roots
• LSP Members Meet with MPCA Officials

Farm Beginnings…18
• 2019-2020 Course Accepting Applications
• Farm Beginnings in Other Regions
• Farm Dreams

Renting It Out Right…18
• The Other Half of the Land Stewardship Equation
• Leases that Fit Your Stewardship Values

Farm Transitions…20
Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse
• Farm Transition Planning Workshops This Winter

Wildly Successful Farming…22
• Public-Private Prairie Partnership

Soil Health…24
• Flexibility, Forethought & Financial Fundamentals
• Join the Soil Builders' Network
• Video: The Slake Test Doesn't Lie
• LSP Grazing Helpline
• Fact Sheet on Grazing Financials
• Which is the Better Way?

• "What The Storm Lake Times is Not"
• "Everybody"
• "Landscape I"

The Uninhabitable Earth
The Relentless Business of Treaties

Membership Update…30
• Volunteer Profile: Suzanne Swanson
• In Memory & in Honor
• Volunteer for LSP
• Support LSP in Your Workplace
• Member-to-Member Recruitment

Stewardship Calendar…32

LSP Merchandise…32