No. 3, 2017, Land Stewardship Letter

Download a pdf version of this issue here. Extra paper copies are Image available by contacting Brian DeVore at 612-722-6377 or via e-mail.

Table of Contents

The Roots of LSP's Work…3
• Joe Morse: A Champion of the People & the Land

Myth Buster Box…4
• Conservation Compliance isn't Being Complied With

LSP News…5
• LSP Staff Changes
• New LSP Board Members
• LSP in the News
• LSPers Heading to Mexico in 2018
• Get Current with LSP's LIVE-WIRE
• CSA Farmers: Time to Sign-up
• In Memory of Lisa Coons, Lou Anne Kling
• BioBlitz 2017

Policy & Organizing…8
• Putting a Community at Risk
• "Our Minnesota Future"
• Sending LSP's "Our Farm Bill" Message to Congress
• Bad Policy, Bad Health

Soil Health…12
Soil Health, Water & Climate Change
• Soil Your Undies
• Building Knowledge, Building Biology
• Join the Soil Builders' Network
• Cropping Systems Calculator

Continuous Living Cover…16
• Prairie After the Plow

Community Based Food Systems…18
• Putting Down Deep Roots

Ecological Agrarians…19
• Life on the Land

Farm Transitions…22
• Odd Acres of Opportunity
Farm Transitions Toolkit
• Beginning Farmer Tax Credit
• Tax Credit Meetings

Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse…26

Conservation on the Northern Plains
Locally Laid
Beneath the Bedrock

Membership Update…30
• 2017 Twin Cities Cookout
• LSP Hosts HEAL Meeting
• Membership Questions
• Volunteer for LSP
• In Memory & in Honor
• Support LSP in Your Workplace