Oct/Nov 2003 Land Stewardship Letter

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Table of Contents

Cover Story…1

• A Public-Public Partnership: It takes a village to raise an enlightened experiment station—an residents who are willing to be pains in the butt. (second in a series)
• Pastures—1       Row Crops—2
• Rough sailing for 'people science': WCROC's attempt to integrate sociology into research hits snag


Amber Waves blows an ill wind
• Letter: Scoring points at the expense of accuracy
• What's on your mind?
• Parsing pork
• Don't say 'pig dump'…
• Get hooked up to LIVE-WIRE
LSL back issues
• When democracy comes home to stay

Myth Buster…3

• It will be prohibitively expensive to tell consumers what country their food comes from

LSP News…6

• Appeals Court rules checkoff unconstitutional
• Twohig joins LSP
• Survey: Federal farm policy stymies adoption of sustainable agriculture
• Policy wish list
• A few words for wild farming
• The Wild Farm Alliance platform

Farm Beginnings…9

• Beginning farmer, rancher conference March 27
• First livestock loans passed on

Policy Update…10

• Get behind CSP & pushing
• Commenting on the rules
• Smithfield buys out Farmland Industries' hogs
• How low will factory farming's boosters go?

Food & Farm Connection…16

• Coffee, beans & rice…& social justice: How does a neighborhood cafe dedicated to justice serve affordable food?
• Food & Farm Connection Resources
• Sodexho USA partners with MWFA
• Demand for local food may increase
• Stewardship Food Network



Fateful Harvest: The True Story of a Small Town, a Global Industry, and a Toxic Secret, by Duff Wilson

Navigating the GEIS…21

• Farm Animal Welfare
• Navigate the GEIS yourself

Membership Update…23

• Fundraising 201: Getting excited about fundraising
• Support LSP in your workplace

Stewardship Calendar…24