Oct/Nov/Dec 2004 Land Stewardship Letter

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Table of Contents

Cover Story…1

• Fresh Faces-Fresh Farming: Here are a few reasons to feel positive about the future of agriculture.
• Jon Kaiser: Ready for the next step
• Matt Fendry: Do-it-yourself dairying
• Annake Witkop: Community supported partnership
• Erin & David Varney: The flip side of the food system
• Kristi & Brad Fernholz: Opening new doors by closing others
• Jason & Laura Penner: Planning for the fall
• Jennifer & Ray Mark: Pulling dad back into the future
• Joseph Guiney: At an agricultural intersection
• Wendy & Mark Lange: Screening new enterprises
• The sustainable offspring: Time, Soil, and Children


• Paul Homme: 1930-2004
• Dick Broeker: 1942-2004
• Letter: Inspired
• Letter: A goal attained

Myth Buster Box…3

• Family livestock farmers, exclusive contracts & niche markets

LSP News…4

• Farm Beginnings pilots launched in 3 states
• LSP members recognized by Niman
Voices premieres
• Jim Scaife leaves for service in Iraq
• Riddle NOSB chair
• NRCS official: Food production, commodity programs often clash

Update: Policy…6

• Citizen Task Force calls for policies that promote livestock on family farms: New report describes strategy for helping rural communities
• Have a say in Minnesota's livestock farming future
• 5,000 Minnesotans tell Governor: Keep local government strong
• MEP supports local democracy
• CSP watersheds set for 2005 sign-up: Funding, implementation issues remain
• Dodge County citizens continue to work for local democracy
• The nation's highest court controls the future of checkoffs

Food & Farm Connection…20

• Extension educator scholarships available to attend Food Alliance meeting Feb. 10
• Minnesota Cooks! brings farmers, chefs & consumers together
• Now is a good time to apply for Food Alliance Midwest certification
• Dine Fresh Dine Local a delicious success
• Eat Well Guide
• Stewardship Food Network

Membership Update…22

• Giving the gift of stewardship
• Re-charge with LIVE-WIRE
• Support LSP in your workplace


• Dairy farmers looking for land
• GMO legal guide
• LSP communications internship

Stewardship Calendar…24