Oct/Nov/Dec 2005

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Table of Contents

Cover Story…1

• Picking the Planet We Want: One fruit produced by globalization could be a food & farming system more accountable to local communities
• A different kind of trade mission
• The caffeine connection
• Local democracy takes on a global giant
• Saving global capitalism from itself


• A food monolith gets a face-lift
• Letters: On the other hand…
• Wisconsin's organic dairy growth

Myth Buster Box…4

• The efficiency of industrial agriculture.

LSP News…5

• Real Dirt film in Twin Cities Jan. 20
• 'Family Farms' show & discussion in January
• LSPers named outstanding conservationists
• LSP members among top pork producers
• LSP partners with USDA to expand Farm Beginnings outreach in Minnesota & surrounding states
• Twohig appointed to USDA beginning farmer group
• 2005-2006 Farm Beginnings classes commence in 5 locations
• Insider tips on credit
Voices of Minnesota Farm Women program launched
• How do we pay for a public good?

Organic Agriculture…9

• The cultivation of an organic farming conference

Policy Update…10

• Ripley Township steps ahead
• Gov. Pawlenty proposes weakening feedlot review
• LSP prepares to defeat new attacks on local control
• Scorecard tells where legislators voted on environment
• Next CSP sign-up

Update: Western Minnesota…13

• A step towards real food security

Farm Beginnings…14

• Fresh Faces-Fresh Farming: Brad & Leslea Hodgson
• A fresh start on an old farm

Food & Farm Connection…17

• Food Alliance Midwest: Farmland preservation tool
• From coffee beans to collard greens: Can fair trade come home to roost?


• Want to buy local food? Get this guide
• Sustainable farmers needed for new farmers' market
• Food For Folk dinner this spring


The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-first Century


• Stay current with LIVE-WIRE
Myth Busters online
• LSP launches audio magazine podcast
• Organic farm business planning help
• Online energy calculator
• Milk check 'assignment' guide

Membership Update…30

• Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
• Support LSP in your workplace
• Ina Irene Peterson: 1930-2005
• Lawrence Peterson remembered

Stewardship Calendar…32