Multiple Benefits Reports/Studies

Report: Minnesota Agriculture and the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

Literature Review: Comparative Regional Economic Impacts from Agriculture

Complete Report: The Multiple Benefits of Agriculture: An Economic and Social Analysis

White paper: An Assessment of Performance-Based Indicators and Payments for Resource Conservation on Agricultural Lands. This is a paper prepared for the Multiple Benefits of Agriculture initiative that provides a general overview of the types, use and conditions for employing bio-physical indicators for measuring the impact of resource conservation practices on environmental outcomes. The paper also examines the potential for implementing a performance-based payment system for conservation activities on agricultural lands.

Concept paper: Performance Based Approaches to Agricultural Conservation Programs dealing with Non-Point Source Pollution, Including Utilization of the Provisions of the Conservation Security Program (a paper prepared for the Workshop on Performance-Based Farm Policies, Nov. 14, 2005, Ames, Iowa.

Report: Multifunctional Agriculture in the International Context: A Review

Report: Public Seeds—Public Goods: A special Land Stewardship Letter report on the relationship between public germplasm and sustainable agriculture