Chippewa 10% Latest News

Here are links to the latest events, press releases, news stories, blogs and podcasts related to the Chippewa 10% Project.

Release: Tool Provides Farmers a Way to Calculate the Cost of Soil Erosion (5/31/18)

Workshop: 'Bringing Livestock Back' Workshop June 14 in Hoffman (5/22/18)

Podcast: Prairie After the Plow (11/9/17)

Radio Interview: Rebecca Wasserman-Olin talks about the Cropping Systems Calculator on the Brownfield Radio Network (4/27/17)

Podcast: Allen Williams on soil health, livestock and "compounding, cascading effects." (12/15/16)

Blog: Water Quality & Farming: Looking for the Long View (10/24/16)

Mankato Free Press Editorial: Water quality: Profitable farming can co-exist with clean water (10/6/16)

Star Tribune article: Building a Model to Protect Rivers (10/4/16)

Podcast: Seeing is believing: a rain simulator shows the value of continuous living cover on farm fields. (9/30/16)

Podcast: How rotational grazing on one farm is improving profits, wildlife habitat and community relations. (8/12/16)

Release: LSP Launches New Tool for Calculating the Financial Costs & Benefits of Conservation Cropping (7/11/16)

Release: Grazing System Set-up & Management Featured at July 19 Field Day in Pope County (6/9/16)

Fact Sheet: Chippewa 10% Project (April 2016)

Fact Sheet: Including Stewardship in Lease Agreements (June 2016)

Blog: A Hub of Soil Health Activity (5/3/16)

Blog: Hitting the Conservation Target (2/26/16)

Blog: The King of Cover Cropping (1/19/16)

Blog: Feed the Plant, Starve the Soil (1/4/16)

Video: Native Prairie and the Cattleman in Minnesota (11/30/15)

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Article: The 10% Solution (Sept./Oct. 2015)

Webinar: In a Green Lands Blue Waters/The Pasture Project webinar, the Land Stewardship Project's Andy Marcum talks about utilizing grazing to promote conservation and soil health in the Chippewa River watershed.