Cover Crop Podcasts

Episode 220: Farmers Kent Solberg and Jim Wulf talk about the economic and ecological advantages of integrating crops and livestock.

Episode 206: John Meyer's drive to plant cover crops takes him out onto the snow and into new soil health territory.

Episode 205: Iowa farmer Loran Steinlage describes the benefits of converting a monocropped desert to a "jungle mix" of continuous living cover.

Episode 201: Kaleb Anderson's evolving view of livestock allows him to make a direct connection between profitability and soil health.

Episode 196: Farmer Rory Beyer and soil health expert Justin Morris talk about how livestock, cover crops and pastures are the “rock stars” of building soil health.

Episode 189: South Dakota farmer Rick Bieber describes how building soil health saved his farm from financial ruin.

Episode 183: Seeing is believing: soil conservationist Jeff Duchene describes how a rain simulator shows the value of continuous living cover on farm fields.

Episode 177: Iowa farmer Jack Boyer and Practical Farmers of Iowa researcher Sarah Carlson talk about making cover crops pay.

Episode 175: Indiana farmer Gordon Smiley describes his experience with cover cropping and how it fits into a bigger goal of improving his land’s soil health.

Episode 121: How farmers, scientists and conservationists in North Dakota have teamed up to revolutionize the relationship between ag and soil health.