WEI Bee Course

  • Women's Environmental Institute, 15715 River Road, North Branch, MN 55056
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  • RSVP to Jerry, 651-583-0705, jerr@w-e-i.org

A Year in the Life of Bees (everything you ever wanted to know about raising bees)

The first class is Sunday, March 26. Classes are held the fourth Sunday of the month, except in May. Course prices: $35 each or $200 for entire none months.

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Class schedule for the entire season:

  • March 26: Intro to Beekeeping; Building Hives Boxes & Frames/Equipment
  • April 23: Setting up Hives and Installing Bees/Splitting Second-Year Hives
  • May 21: Hive Day/Planning Flower Power for Pollinators
  • June 25: Hive Day/ Assessing Honey in the Hives
  • July 23: Hive Day/Mite Controls
  • Aug 27: Extracting Honey
  • Sept.24: Making Mead
  • Oct. 22: Winterizing the Hives
  • Nov. 19: A WEI Swarm Party: Everything Honey