LSP 'Our Farm Bill' Event with Rep. Tim Walz

  • Utica School House, 200 S. Center St., Utica, MN 55979
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  • RSVP to Ben Anderson,, 612-722-6377

We need you to stand with the Land Stewardship Project in asking U.S. Representative Tim Walz to work with us during this Farm Bill cycle to advance policies that will concretely improve our farms, communities and the land. By showing up we can send the message loud and clear to Rep. Walz that our federal farm policy needs to change. Our communities cannot wait.

Rep. Walz is on the U.S. House Committee for Agriculture and plays an important role in shaping the upcoming 2018 Farm Bill. The Committee has already held one hearing and lawmakers are creating their priorities for this important piece of legislation that impacts our farms, communities and the land.

At the Land Stewardship Project, we have been busy this past year setting our Farm Bill priorities. We have held eight listening sessions and surveyed thousands of people across the Midwest. After gathering all this input, our Federal Policy Steering Committee, which is made up of farmers from across Minnesota, met and finalized our policy priorities in the packet, “Our Farm Bill: Re-Imagining U.S. Farm Policy that Puts People, Communities and the Land First.”

At the May 11 event, we will hear farmers' stories, give you an opportunity to ask questions, and ask Rep. Tim Walz to work with us on:

  • Investing in Conservation
  • Reforming Risk Management
  • Supporting Beginning Farmers
  • Building Strong Local Economies
  • Stopping Funding for Corporate Concentration

These ideas are only as strong as the number of people we have standing behind them. We cannot change the Farm Bill alone. We need you to join with us on Thursday, May 11, in St. Charles.

Please RSVP to LSP's Ben Anderson via e-mail or by calling 612-722-6377.