Farm Beginnings Field Day on Diversified Family Farming

  • Whetstone Farm, Amery, Wis.
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  • RSVP to Dori Eder,, 612-578-4497

Join Emily Hanson and Klaus Zimmermann at Whetstone farm to learn about their diversified farm. Whetstone Farm raises grass-fed lamb and mutton as well as 3 acres of vegetables. Whetstone Farm is a proud founding member of the Shared Ground Farmer’s Co-op. During the field day, we will discuss the upsides and downsides of a diversified small farm, as well as Klaus and Emily's decision making process as they have narrowed their farm's focus, start-up costs, infrastructure needs and marketing.

From Klaus and Emily: "We strive to create a farm system that coexists with the native ecosystem, rather than fighting against it. Thus, we focus on rotational grazing of perennial pasture, managing our wooded areas, and are learning about how to grow vegetables with less tillage and fewer inputs. We are working toward a balance between production and conservation."