LSP Farm Beginnings Field Day on Grazing Skills & Pasture Management

  • Hannah Bernhardt & Jason Misik Farm, Finlayson, Minn.
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  • RSVP to Dori Eder,, 612-578-4497

Join Hannah Bernhardt and Jason Misik on their new grass-based diversified livestock operation in Finlayson, Minn. Hannah and Jason graduated from LSP's Farm Beginnings course in 2016 and purchased former pasture and cropland to start their farm. In addition to building a home and installing basic infrastructure, they raised hogs, purchased a starter flock of sheep and brought on beef cattle onto their diversified farm.

During the field day, we will bring an experienced grazier onto their farm to help them troubleshoot the issues and questions facing a beginning grazing operation. We’ll take a tour of the farm, and discuss beginning infrastructure and strategies for establishing and maintaining a high-quality, diverse pasture.