2 New Grains & Their Uses: Hybrid Rye & Kernza

Can hybrid rye and Kernza be used for crop rotation and to improve weed control? Spend some time with the Frantzens and find out. They have introduced two new grain crops to their farm: Brasetto — a hybrid rye with disease resistance and the potential for higher yields; and Kernza — a perennial grain developed by The Land Institute. The Frantzens hope that both crops will help combat giant ragweed on their farm by smothering and disrupting the life cycle of the weed. Brasetto hybrid rye could also play a prominent role in their organic hog operation by providing feed and bedding. The Frantzens will show on-farm research on pelleting high-fiber feed grains – such as rye, barley and oats – and how that affects their value as pig feed.

For more information, see page 18 of the Practical Farmers of Iowa 2017 field day schedule.