Fall Fling Pasture Walk

  • Richard and Carol Young farm, 10100 County Rd. 30, Plainview, MN
  • RSVP to Bonnie Haugen, 507-421-7170, bonnie@dga-national.org

You are invited to the Fall Fling Pasture Walk on Monday, Sept. 25, on the Richard and Carol Young farm, 10100 (Winona Co.) Rd. 30, Plainview, Minn. This pasture walk is coordinated by the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and Organic Valley. Topics will be low cost parlors, fall forage and soil health. We will take a wagon ride to two different pastures, one permanent and one in a crop rotation. Guest speakers will be Vance Haugen, Jim Paulson and Mark Kopecky.

Registration is at 10 a.m.; parlor talk, fall forage discussion, lunch and pasture walk from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. RSVP helpful for lunch, but not not required for attendance.

Be aware of road construction on Wabasha Co Rd. 8, which is just west of Youngs. Youngs farm is on the county line. Contact Bonnie Haugen at bonnie@dga-national.org or 507-421-7170 for RSVP or other questions.