Farm Law 101 Workshop

From hiring workers, leasing or buying land, implementing food safety measures, negotiating sales, forming an LLC, filing taxes, getting insurance and so on—legal issues work their way into every aspect of the sustainable farm. The good news is that developing a strong, legally resilient farm business is easier than you think!

"Sustainable Farm Law 101" is not a boring lecture filled with legal lingo, this workshop will be co-facilitated by an attorney and 1 or 2 farmers. User-friendly legal education will be integrated with practical, on the ground experience, including input from participants. Expect a compelling, informative, and engaging workshop that will inspire you to take action to build a stronger, more resilient farm!

This workshop will empower direct-to-consumer farmers to move forward on legal issues of greatest importance to their operation, including:

  •  Insurance
  •  Business Organization
  •  Workers
  •  Food Safety
  •  Land Matters
  •  Sales & Contracts

The fee is $15 per day, or $25 or both days. Workshop materials, Friday lunch and dinner, and Saturday breakfast included.

Register online here.