Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Pasture Walk

  • 8554 Co. Rd. 47, St. Cloud, MN 56301
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  • RSVP to Bonnie Haugen, bonnie@dga-natonal.org, 507-421-7170

The public is invited to a Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Spring Fling pasture walk at Molitor Organic Farm. The main focus is on pasture production to improve farm economics. Before lunch, we will discuss current pressures of dairy farming. Also, we will hear University of Minnesota dairy scientist Brad Heins and Joe Molitor debate the future of dairy cow genetics. Will the super-producing cow be the dairy farmer's demise?

After lunch, Brad Heins will lead the discussion on grazing potentials, and how this management can improve net profits. Land value and forage costs are serious components of total feed costs. Joe Molitor will share what forages are working on his farm and how they influence his feed costs.

RSVP is appreciated, but not necessary. To do so, contact Bonnie Haugen via e-mail or at 507-421-7170.