Soil Health Field School 1

  • North Peace Applied Research Association, 116 4th Ave. SW, Manning AB TOH 2MO, Canada
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  • RSVP to Tom Fromme, 780-836-3354

NPARA’s Soil Health Field Schools will be presented by Gabe Brown, Ray Archuleta, Dr. Kris Nichols and Dr. Allen Williams. The schools will be at the North Peace Applied Research Association research farm at North Star Alberta, where we have had regenerative ag projects since 2013. The North Peace Region of Alberta is a distinct and beautiful area of bush and fields, and is close to the northernmost agriculture practiced in North America.

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Course Outline

(The school will be 50 percent classroom and 50 percent "hands-on" in the field.)

  1. Soil health demonstrations.
  2. Understanding the four ecosystem processes critical for soil function.
  3. The concepts of biomimicry.
  4. Strategies of agroecology.
  5. Principles of soil health.
  6. Animal/insect integration.
  7. Identifying and addressing resource concerns.
  8. The strategy and logistics of designing biological primers (polyculture cover crop mixes).
  9. Adaptive multi-paddock grazing.
  10. Farm and ranch financial planning and management.
  11. Ranch/farm economics: stacked enterprises.
  12. Direct marketing.
  13. Ecological nutrient management.
  14. Social aspects of soil health.