Healthcare Strategy Conference

  • Radisson Blue Hotel,35 S. 7th St, Minneapolis, MN
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  • RSVP to Paul Sobocinski, LSP, 507-342-2323, Paul Sobocinski,

HEALTHCARE-NOW is holding its annual Strategy Conference June 22-24 in Minneapolis. This year the conference is going to be the launch point for a new phase of the national campaign for "Healthcare for All." The focus is on organizing a grassroots movement around the principles of a healthcare system in which everyone is in and no one is left out, often called single payer. The conference will also feature the new chief author of HR676, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison.

The registrations deadline is Friday, June 15. To register, see

Note that the conference will include a breakout panel from the Land Stewardship Project and our long- time ally: Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. That panel is entitled “Building rural grassroots power to win healthcare for all.” Mark Schultz, LSP’s executive director, along with Matthew Covington of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, will lead the panel.

For more information, contact LSP's Paul Sobocinski at 507-342-2323 or via e-mail.