Queer Farm Convergence & Campout

Queer* Farmer** Convergence*** and Campout will take place Saturday evening, Sept. 29, until Monday morning, Oct. 1.

We will be camping at Humble Hands Harvest, a 1.5-year-old vegetable farm 10 miles northeast of Decorah, Iowa. Accommodations are delightful but rustic: we will use composting toilets, the only mirrors on the farm are attached to vehicles, and you might not get a shower all weekend. We’ll warm up with a campfire, and can cook with the gas stove in the yurt, or over the fire.

This gathering, which the Land Stewardship Project is co-sponsoring, is offered in the gift economy—we will collectively contribute the resources that will feed, house and entertain us, with gratitude to some institutional sponsors.

You can register here. Once you’ve registered, we’ll get you full details about what to pack and how to get here.

*Self-identified queer folx and those committed to centering queerness

**Aspiring, current, or lapsed agriculturalist; farmers' allies/advocates operating within food system related nonprofits, education and research; people passionate about alternative agriculture

***A land-based gathering and campout to center queerness in alternative agriculture, to build a community of support that interrogates and interrupts colonial, racist, sexist and heteropatriarchal legacies in U.S. agriculture, to ask and propose ways that queer farmers can regenerate landscapes and revolutionize agriculture, to make music, create art, and eat delicious food together