Using Township Local Control to Protect Your Community

  • Mabel Community Center, 201 Main Street South, Mabel, MN 55954
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  • RSVP to Amanda Babcock, 612-722-6377,

Townships in Minnesota have strong powers of local control that include the ability to stop or limit unwanted, potentially harmful developments like large-scale feedlots or frac sand mines. For example, with leadership from local Land Stewardship Project members and members of Responsible Ag in Karst Country (RAKC), the Newburg Township Board of Supervisors passed a moratorium on new and large-scale feedlots on Aug. 23, 2018. This allows their community to be protected as they begin the process of planning and zoning to shape the future of their landscape.

This power of local control is key to keeping rural communities strong and many townships are successfully using it. Join us to learn how to use township zoning and local control to shape the future of your township.

Who should attend? Township officers who want to learn the basics about adopting a moratorium, implementing planning and zoning, and strategies for developing ordinances to restrict or ban large-scale feedlots and frac sand mining.

Township residents who want to organize for action at the township level and be effective at using township zoning to restrict or ban large-scale feedlots and frac sand mining.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Successfully adopting interim ordinances and implementing township zoning—and what it means for your township.
  • Common myths and misinformation about township zoning.
  • Using zoning ordinances to address large-scale feedlots and silica sand mining and explanation of townships’ strong authority to use zoning powers to restrict or ban unwanted developments.
  • Using zoning as a tool to protect a township’s health, natural resources and rural character.
  • Addressing what happens if a township is sued.
  • Addressing effective ways for township residents to approach the township board about adopting a moratorium and updating or creating township ordinances.

Presenters at the workshop have deep experience on these issues and include:

  • Einar Hanson is an attorney who represents townships in southeastern Minnesota on a wide range of governance issues.
  • Barton Seebach is an attorney from Newburg Township in Fillmore County and, alongside his community, has successfully worked to pass an interim ordinance in his township and begin the planning and zoning process.
  • Peter Tiede is an attorney for a number of Minnesota townships who has handled a broad, nearly exhaustive list of local government issues, including land use and zoning, and procedure and governmental powers.

Please join us for this event and encourage your township officers and neighbors to join you. This event is hosted by LSP and RAKC.

RSVPs are encouraged. Contact LSP's Amanda Babcock at 612-722-6377 or via e-mail.

Cost is $10 payable at the door. Make checks payable to the Land Stewardship Project.