Farm Transitions: Family Conversation Topics

PDF version of Family Conversation Topics

The farm transitions conversations are difficult for a lot of families. One farm adviser recommends starting the conversation over Thanksgiving dinner: "Please pass the potatoes. What's your plan for passing on the farm?"

Here are some questions that need to be asked and answered during the process of planning a farm transition. They don't all have to be answered at once. Pick the one that seems easiest for your family, and start there.

Also see the Getting Started Diagram

Where will you live?

Where will the new farmers live?

How much money will you need?

Is there enough to support two families?

How will you help the new farmers?

How will the new farmers help you?

What assets does the beginning farmer have?

What is the exit strategy in case things don't work out?

What conservation practices will be included in your plan?

How will you transition management of the farm operation?