Farmer-Eater Exchange

During these unsettled times related to the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to come together as a community. One way to do that is by supporting the farmers who are producing safe, healthy food using regenerative methods. In recent days, the Land Stewardship Project has heard of several situations where farmer-members have lost access to customers due to the closing of restaurants, universities, K-12 schools, co-ops, and other market options. These losses, even in the short term, can be devastating.

But one way we can all work together to get through this difficult situation is by supporting local food systems. Supporting these farmers is a great way to not only help them get through this stressful time, but to get access to safe, healthy food that supports our communities.

Below are listings of LSP member-farmers who have products available. Many offer delivery or other options for obtaining the food directly. LSP will be updating this clearinghouse on a regular basis in the immediate future.

Food Exchange Listings (updated 7/17/20):

Real Food Hub, 414 Becker Ave. SW, Willmar, Minn.: Year-round CSA available delivered to your door; sourced from eight regional farmers in- season and non-growing months sourced from Co-op Partners Warehouse, an organic wholesaler in Saint Paul; retail store, Fabulous Finds, sells local meats, chicken, turkey, cheese, eggs, grains, bread, and produce. Contact: Beverly Dougherty, 320-894-7901 or e-mail.

Blissful Bee Pastures, Keith and Anna Johnson, Gibbon, Minn.: 100% pasture-raised lamb and beef — not fed any grain, hormones, or antibiotics. Rotationally grazed on diverse pastures. Quarters, halves, and wholes available. Contact: Keith and Anna Johnson, 507-240-5004.

Alley Cat Farm, Caleb Stellmach, Minneapolis, Minn.: CSA vegetable shares available for summer and fall. Contact: Caleb Stellmach, e-mail.

Christopher Mosel, Holdingford, Minn.: Sustainably raised pork and beef; various quantities are available, most packages are in one-to-two-pound packages; please phone or e-mail for delivery or pick-up options. Contact: Christopher Mosel, 507-995-0818 or e-mail.

Waldo Farms, Marty & Cassi Waldo, Winona, Minn.: Grass-fed beef raised without antibiotics or hormones available for bulk purchase (quarters, halves, and wholes) or by individual cut; to-your-door delivery; also have free-range chicken eggs. Contact: Cassi, 507-459-1024 (call or text), e-mail.

John and Ben Snyder, Preston, Minn.: butcher hogs (Duroc, Berkshire, and Chester White breeds) will be available by the end of April-early May; will deliver to a local locker for processing; non-GMO feeds, no antibiotics, slats or pits; open-bedded pens used in production. Contact: John and Ben Snyder, e-mail.

Blue Dirt Farm, Scott K. Haase, Blue Earth, Minn.: Pasture and woodland-raised Mangalitza and heritage breed pork available by the whole or half and soon launching a subscription-based option; use organic practices and feed while raising animals outdoors; ask about turkeys or other services. Contact: e-mail.

The Boreal Farm, Caroline Hegstrom, Rice Lake, Minn.: Certified organic vegetables and strawberries for CSA and on-site farm stand. Contact:

Paul and Candy Sobocinski, Wabasso, Minn.: beef available for sale in halves or quarters, or quarters processing available at Ruprecht’s Meat Market in Wabasso; also pork available that is raised in open pens in deep straw. Contact: 507-430-1509.

Dan Coffman, Nicollet, Minn.: whole frozen organically raised chickens (not certified organic), organically raised eggs in one-dozen increments (not certified organic); pickup times — Mondays and Saturdays. Contact: Dan Coffman, e-mail.

Early Boots Farm, Sauk Centre, Minn., Tyler Carlson: 100% grass-fed beef year-round; pastured lamb, honeyberries, sour cherries seasonally; meat is available for bulk purchase (eighths, quarters, halves, and wholes) or by individual cut; to-your-door delivery to Saint. Cloud, the Twin Cities, and communities neighboring the farm. Contact:, 320-249-1841, e-mail.

TC Farm, Jack McCann, Montrose, Minn.: pasture-raised, non-GMO, slow-growth and heritage breed beef, pork, chicken and eggs; homemade sausages, breads, foraged mushrooms; year-round monthly deliveries to neighborhoods in the Twin Cities metro area. Contact:

Turnip Rock Farm & Cosmic Wheel Creamery, Clear Lake, Wis.: 100% grass farmstead cheese, ground beef packs, all cuts of whey fed, pastured pork, and certified organic vegetables; online farm stand, many different pick-up locations and home delivery, deliveries in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Contact:, 715-268-9311.

Seven Songs Organic Farm, Kenyon, Minn., Melissa Driscoll: Animal Welfare Approved eggs, Sibley Squash; will soon have rhubarb, asparagus, lettuce mix, unusual heirloom tomato plants, nettles. Contact:, e-mail.

Just Food Collective, central Minnesota: fresh vegetables, fruit; pre-orders, pick-up in central Minnesota — Watkins, Cold Spring, Saint Joseph. Contact:

Good Turn Farm, Stockholm, Wis., Kevin & Annelie Livingston-Anderson: Produce and maple syrup available for custom order pick-up on the farm. Contact:, e-mail, 612-217-0553.

Winnowburrow Farm, Colfax, Wis., Bonnie Warndahl: seasonal mushrooms — shiitake, wine cap, oyster and wild-foraged; herbs — basil, parsley, cilantro/coriander, dill, oregano, rosemary, thyme, spearmint, peppermint, winter savory, sage; tomatoes — slicing, canning and cherry varieties; cucumbers — pickling; heirloom dried beans (available autumn 2020); specialty cut flowers. Custom orders and free home delivery to St. Paul and south Minneapolis residents with minimum purchase. Contact:, 612-462-9311.

Nettle Valley Farm, Spring Grove, Minn., Dayna Burtness and Nick Nguyen: heritage breed hogs on diverse pastures, organically-fed (pea and barley feed, no corn/soybeans); whole and half hogs are available each fall; will do home delivery. Contact:

Blue Ox Farm, Wheeler, Wis.: Rotationally-grazed grass-fed lamb and beef from its farm in Wheeler, Wis., direct to consumer's doorsteps. More information about ordering and delivery, production practices, next harvest dates, and contact information at

Earth-Be-Glad Farm, Lewiston, Minn., Mike and Jennifer Rupprecht: 100% grass-fed beef available as packaged frozen cuts and custom-processed beef; pick up on the farm — easy, safe outdoor transfer; local (Winona) delivery. Contact: 507-523-2564, e-mail.

Pekin Hill Farms, Chatfield, Minn., Amanda McCabe: Red Wattle pastured pork, pasture raised chicken, and all natural beef; hamburger by the pound, beef cuts, pork cuts, and whole/half chickens; deliver within 60 miles of Chatfield. Information and delivery zones at, or contact Amanda at 507-259-7409.

Leafy Legacy Herb Farm, Lanesboro, Minn., Jane Peck: Herbal salts, herb-infused syrups, herbal teas; only sea salt and cane sugar used and herbs are grown on-farm; teas and herb salts can be shipped, syrups are on-farm sale only; pick up at the farm in Lanesboro — 3899 Golden Drive. Contact: Jane Peck, 612-823-0776,

Moonstone Farm, Montevideo, Minn., Audrey Arner and Richard Handeen: On-farm store offering grass-fed beef, some local cheeses, raw honey, Velasquez Family Coffee, herb teas; social distancing observed, much wiping down of surfaces, handles etc. Contact: or Audrey via e-mail.

Willie Nillie Farm, Winona, Minn., Kelsey Fitzgerald: Fruit, vegetable, kombucha, eggs, baked goods, extra produce available via special order; pick-up in Winona on Thursdays. Contact: Kelsey Fitzgerald,, 507-304-5371, e-mail

Yellow Medicine Farm, Clarkfield, Minn., Glenn Gelhar: Pastured eggs, grass-fed beef; eggs available for pick-up on the farm four miles north of Clarkfield or at the Montevideo Farmers' Market; beef processed at Dawson or Appleton lockers. Contact: Glenn Gelhar, e-mail, Instagram: @yellowmedicinefarm

Axdahl Farms, Stillwater, Minn., Brian and Leslie Axdahl: produce, sweet corn, herbs; pick-up at farm market in Stillwater. Contact: Leslie Axdahl, e-mail,, 651-439-3134.