Petition to Protect MN from the Frac Sand Industry

NOTE: This petition drive is complete and over 6,000 signatures were delivered to Gov. Dayton on Earth Day. Thanks to everyone who made their voice heard!

Governor Dayton:

We, the undersigned Minnesotans, are opposed to the proposed onslaught of the frac sand mining industry being driven by oil and gas corporations and their political allies. Our concerns are serious and include threats to the health, economic prosperity and quality of life of the people of Minnesota, and the long-term care of the land. You have outlined a policy that southeast Minnesota should be off-limits to the frac sand industry and that that there must be tough state standards for the rest of Minnesota.

Therefore we support:

1. Executive action by you as Governor of the State of Minnesota to enact a two-year moratorium on frac sand mining in southeast Minnesota. Such powers are granted under the Critical Areas Act, passed in 1973.

2. The creation of tough state level regulations on frac sand mining to protect air and water quality, and the strong enforcement of such.

3. Development of community-based renewable energy production and implementation of effective energy conservation through state legislative policy and administrative action.

We urge you to use your authority as Governor of Minnesota to advance these initiatives.