We Need Quality, Affordable Healthcare for All Minnesotans

Health insurance companies in Minnesota are consistently raising premiums for people who buy individual health insurance plans.

This group includes many farmers, self-employed people, small businesses and people working jobs that don’t provide health coverage – about 250,000 Minnesotans. Healthcare costs are rising for everyone, but those buying individual plans are at the center of the growing healthcare crisis.

Every one of us needs medical care during our lives, and we need a healthcare system that provides quality, affordable care to all of us.

The corporatized healthcare system that allows insurance companies, hospital systems and drug companies to put their bottom lines before the healthcare needs of people is not working. Signing up here lets us know you share our concern with the current healthcare system, and that you want to connect with the Land Stewardship Project’s efforts to build the healthcare system we need – one that is affordable, high-quality, and that covers everyone fairly.