Improving Financial Skills

New Publication:

Farm Beginnings: Improving Financial Skills for Beginning Farmers

by the Farm Beginnings Collaborative


Farm Beginnings: Improving Financial Skills for Beginning Farmers shares the strategy behind the approach members of the Farm Beginnings Collaborative take to building financial planning skills with beginning farmers. The publication offers educators hands-on tools, including sample curriculum, along with recommendations that apply to the field of beginning farmer training as a whole.

Through peer-to-peer learning, the Farm Beginnings Collaborative members have been able to innovate and improve financial skills education for beginning farmers across the country. As Sheri Doyle from Angelic Organic Learning Center has said, “… having the opportunity to hear from other Farm Beginnings Collaborative members sharing the tactics, strategies and resources that are successful is a real strength of our approach.”

To download a pdf of this publication, click here. For paper copies, contact the Land Stewardship Project's Amy Bacigalupo via e-mail or at 320-269-2105.

Farm Beginnings Collaborative

The Land Stewardship Project is a member of the Farm Beginnings Collaborative (FBC). The FBC is a national alliance of independent regional groups of farmers and farmer-training support organizations working together to promote Farm Beginnings, a farmer training model that is community based, rooted in sustainable principles, and farmer led.

For more information on the Farm Beginnings Collaborative, including contact information for FBC members across the country, click here.

Funding for this publication was provided by NIFA’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Grant Award #2016-70017-25502.