Land Access Organizing

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Land is the basis for our food system, our lives and our society. Land must be held and stewarded by many people, not consolidated and exploited by a few powerful agribusinesses. Beginning farmers need affordable, secure access to land.

Beginning farmers are a powerful force for change. The Farm Beginnings program is organizing beginning farmers to hold elected officials and public institutions accountable to their values.

Currently, Farm Beginnings is shaping a long term campaign for deep reforms of federally subsidized crop insurance. Crop insurance, as it exists today, guarantees profit and enables agribusinesses to out compete family farmers and buy up available land, fueling the harmful trend towards fewer and larger farms in our region. LSP seeks reforms to crop insurance that will bring that program back to its original intention: to help farmers survive a bad year.

Farm Beginnings creates change by empowering farmers to meet their goals, by facilitating community support for new farmers, and by building a powerful base of beginning farmers who are demanding structural change. These strategies are all necessary and support each other. Join us!