Journeyperson Course History

The first Journeyperson Course was started in Maine in 1999 by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). MOFGA is a partner of the Land Stewardship Project through the Farm Beginnings Collaborative. The two organizations worked together to develop a course that would fit the needs of farmers in the Upper Midwest who are between starting up a farm and developing a more mature, viable and established operation.

This need was identified by LSP farmer-leaders who saw and/or experienced a gap in education and support for farmers who have a great deal of farming know-how and have started their own enterprise, and are now considering how to establish a farm that is sustainable, financially viable, and leads to a good quality-of-life.

The Farm Viability Steering Committee of LSP farmer-leaders continues to serve as a "compass" for the course, ensuring that it is grounded in the needs of advanced beginning farmers.