Our Values on Healthcare

The Land Stewardship Project is working to create a real fix for our broken healthcare system in Minnesota. Leaders in LSP's healthcare work have recently gone through a process to shape a bold vision for healthcare reform. Below are the ideas that came out of this process.

Our Values for Healthcare

LSP believes every person is valuable and deserves quality healthcare. It should not be a privilege available only to those with money to pay for it. We still have a system where too many Minnesotans — especially farmers and rural people — are left out, or are stuck paying high premiums for high-deductible plans that are too expensive to use. This is like having no healthcare at all.

The health of people and the health of land are connected. If farmers cannot afford to continue farming and caring for the land, we all suffer. Right now, too many beginning farmers have trouble getting started because of healthcare, and many members of farm families are forced to take off-farm jobs for insurance. This distracts from building a successful farm business, especially a viable livestock operation, which is key to providing the best stewardship of the land.

We need a system where healthcare is available to all and not tied to a job. This way, people who want to farm or start a small business can pursue their vocations without having to worry about losing healthcare. Farming while caring for the land should be a viable and valued career choice. The state of our current healthcare system means it too often is not.

We are capable of meeting everyone’s healthcare needs. But the healthcare system must be built to best serve people. Let people seek out the healthcare they need. Let doctors, nurses, and caregivers provide care. Stop being limited by insurance companies prioritizing their own growth and profits over people.