Talking Organizing for Change

Listed here are Land Stewardship Project podcasts featuring the voices of LSP members, staff and allies who are working to create a food and farming system based on stewardship, sustainability and justice for all. Check out all of our Ear to the Ground podcasts here.

Episode 235: Features farmers and farm advocates talking about the resources available in this time of the ag crisis and how to fight back.

Episode 223: LSP co-founder Ron Kroese talks about the National Sustainable Agriculture Oral History Archive, which features interviews he did with pioneers in the movement to develop policy that supports regenerative farm and food systems.

Episode 218: Farmer Darrel Mosel talks about what 40 years of concentration in agriculture has done to his community, what gives him hope, and the role immigrants can play in revitalizing rural Minnesota. (6th in a series on Our Minnesota Future)

Episode 217: Sylvia Luetmer talks about why helping beginning farmers get access to land isn't enough, and how society needs to come to grips with the kind of food system it wants. (5th in a series on Our Minnesota Future)

Episode 216: Veteran CSA farmer John Fisher-Merritt describes how top-notch beginning farmer training, healthy soil, good food and sustainable communities are linked. (4th in a series on Our Minnesota Future)

Episode 215: Jenna Sandoe talks about the opportunities rural communities offer young people like her. (3rd in a series on Our Minnesota Future)

Episode 214: Vegetable producer Laura Frerichs talks about the connection between affordable healthcare, beginning farmers and thriving local economies. (2nd in a series on Our Minnesota Future)

Episode 213: LSP executive director Mark Schultz describes why it's critical that LSP join forces with other "people's organizations" in our fight for change. (1st in a series on Our Minnesota Future)

Episode 211: LSP members talk to candidates for Minnesota governor about what should be prioritized when it comes to farmers, the land and rural communities.

Episode 204: Mark Schultz talks about how LSP's members hatched one of the most innovative farm conservation programs around...and why we need to fight for it.

Episode 188: Autumn Brown talks about how we can counter the myths that lead to racial injustice in rural America and elsewhere.

Episode 186: George Boody and Mark Schultz discuss their personal passions and how LSP brings about positive change as the organization prepares for a leadership transition.

Episode 184: LSP members see firsthand how rural Mexicans are using their connections to the land to fight the corporate takeover of ag.

Episode 178: The MN Nurses Association's Rose Roach talks about working with LSP to transform healthcare from a commodity to a human right.

Episode 162: How federal crop insurance is harming family farmers, the land and our communities—and why we all have a stake in reforming it.

Episode 159: LSP and Hope Community work to bring racial equity to the Minneapolis Park System's urban ag initiative.

Episode 157: What should you do when frac sand mining comes knocking? Get informed, get organized and get connected.

Episode 148: LSP Citizens' Frac Sand Summit (part 7): LSP's Bobby King talks about the role of local government and state regulations in controlling frac sand mining.

Episode 147: LSP Citizens' Frac Sand Summit (part 6): Earth Works' Jennifer Krill describes the negative impacts of extreme energy extraction.

Episode 146: LSP Citizens' Frac Sand Summit (part 5): The MPCA's John Linc Stine talks about the role his agency plays in regulating the frac sand industry.

Episode 145: LSP Citizens' Frac Sand Summit (part 4): Scientist Crispin Pierce describes cutting-edge research on silica sand dust in Wisconsin.

Episode 144: LSP Citizens' Frac Sand Summit (part 3): Scientist Michael McCawley on the health risks posed by surface mining's production of ultrafine particles.

Episode 143: LSP Citizens' Frac Sand Summit (part 2): Farmer Bob Christie talks about how frac sand mining threatens the farming community.

Episode 142: LSP Citizens' Frac Sand Summit (part 1): Tex Hawkins talks about why frac sand mining poses such a risk to the driftless region.

Episode 125: BFRDP: A discussion about a precedent-setting federal program for beginning farmers and ranchers.