Tell Governor Dayton to Get Out His Veto Pen

The Minnesota Legislative Session ends May 21 and corporate interests and their legislative allies are pushing bills that violate Minnesotans’ values and put corporate interests before the public good. We need to speak up now to ensure these harmful policies don’t pass.

Many of the worst policies have been rolled into a massive omnibus finance proposal that is in conference committee now, including:

• Weakening the Groundwater Protection Act so that it cannot effectively control the over-application of nitrogen fertilizer on farmland, which is a leading cause of groundwater pollution in our state.

• “Guilty by Association” legislation pushed by the corporate-backed think tank ALEC. This proposal is designed to chill dissent and protest at pipelines and other “critical infrastructure.”

• Prohibiting the Minnesota Department of Health from using agency staff or resources to plan, develop or promote any proposal that would offer the expansion of MinnesotaCare.

Including these policy provisions in large budget bills is done to force passage of legislation that favors corporate interests. Governor Mark Dayton has been clear that he will not accept bad policy provisions in finance bills. Since our state’s two-year budget was passed last year, the Governor can veto finance bills this year without threat of a government shut-down. In a letter to legislative leaders, Governor Dayton said, "I remind you again that I will veto any budget bills, which contain objectionable policy provisions or cut the operating budgets of state agencies.”

Take Action May 17

Join us at the Capitol to stand up for our values on Thursday, May 17, at 1:30 p.m. This rally is being held in partnership with Our Minnesota Future organizations and we will be calling for the Legislature to drop these harmful proposals and asking Governor Dayton to veto them if they pass. If you plan on participating in this rally, RSVP Amanda Babcock at 612-722-6377 or

Also, RSVP and help spread the word on Facebook here.

Call Governor Dayton and let him know he should veto any legislation that favors corporate interests over our common good. Governor Dayton can be reached at 651-201-3400.

Suggested message:

“Hello, my name is _______ and I am calling from _____. I urge you to veto bills that violate Minnesota values. You have been clear that bad policy should not be included in finance bills and that you will veto bills that do. I agree with that. There are policy provisions included in the House or Senate Finance Bills that should be vetoed if they get to your desk. These policies include the “Guilty by Association” legislation that seeks to undermine free speech and dissent in our state, making access to Medical Assistance more difficult for many Minnesotans and weakening the Groundwater Protection Act."

We have power when we make our voices heard: LSP members have successfully used their voices to keep local control strong, stand up for environmental review, and get more family farmers on the land. Take action now to keep Minnesota strong.