Help Get Out the Vote to Defeat the Voter Restriction Amendment

The Land Stewardship Project believes that Minnesota is better off when democracy is strong. That is one reason LSP is a part of “Our Vote, Our Future,” a coalition of over 70 organizations working to defeat the voter restriction amendment to the state constitution that will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

A critical part of ensuring the defeat of this costly and unjust amendment is people talking to people about why they should vote "No." Our friends at TakeAction Minnesota are coordinating a massive effort to reach voters and begin a final push to win on Nov. 6.

If you'd like to participate in this final push to reach voters,  check out the volunteer schedule and reserve a spot here.

The more scrutiny this bad idea of imposing voter restrictions receives, the more the opposition grows. One indicator of this growing opposition is the number of rural papers from around the state that have written strong editorials in opposition to the voter restriction amendment. Below are some of the best editorials:

Mankato Free-Press: Our View: Take another look at Voter ID — “Minnesota would create an extreme voting restriction for seniors, lock in outdated technology and cause higher local taxes for everyone if the Voter ID Amendment passes”

Fergus Falls Journal: Cost of voter ID program is too steep — “…the need to eliminate voter fraud seems to pale in comparison to the costs of implementing it and the potential disenfranchisement of voters that may come with it.”

Marshall Independent: Let's fix problems that DO exist — “Same-day voter registration will likely take a hit [if the amendment passes]. If fewer people vote because of new ID requirements — and disenfranchisement is a given — it gives more power to special interest groups….But above all, even if you can dispute the aforementioned facts, the bottom line is this is a solution without a problem.”

The McLeod County Chronicle: Will passage of amendments address the state's real issues? — “The Nov. 6 general election is about the economy; it is about the future of our state’s finances, its educational system and funding and its infrastructure needs. It is not, nor should it be, about ….one party’s concept that there is rampant voter fraud in Minnesota, a claim yet to be proven.”

Faribault Daily News: More facts needed on voter ID amendment before Election Day —“[To implement the amendment in Rice County would be] $120,000, according to county Auditor Fran Windschitl…. Statewide, estimates have run into the tens of millions….This is an incredibly important question with one of America’s most fundamental rights in the balance. So why do we thus far have nothing but vague answers to our quite basic questions?”