Senate Bill to Roll Back Air Quality Controls on Frac Sand Industry Gets Hearing Monday 

The frac sand industry is pushing to roll back a law we won in 2013 that requires the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to create rules to control air pollution from frac sand facilities. LSP has documented that the frac sand industry routinely puts profit before respect for rules designed to protect neighbors’ health and the environment. Even better, they think, if they can prevent any rules from being established.

Legislation to roll back air quality protections from frac sand industry:

Senate File 1310, authored by Sens. Carrie Ruud (R- Breezy Point), Bill Ingebrigtsen (R- Alexandria), David Tomassoni (DFL- Chisholm), Mark Koran (R-North Branch), David Senjem (R-Rochester)

House File 1666, authored by Reps. Chris Swedzinski (R- Ghent), Jason Metsa (DFL- Virginia), Dan Fabian (R-Roseau), Bob Vogel (R-Elko New Market), Bob Loonan (R- Shakopee), Brian Johnson (R- Cambridge)

The legislation repeals a law that says simply, "The commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency shall adopt rules pertaining to the control of particulate emissions from silica sand projects." The MPCA has yet to meet this mandate and has only a draft of proposed rules. Citizens have put in hundreds of hours on an advisory panel to give input into these proposed rules. The MPCA has given the industry a ready ear during this time, and we have pushed the MPCA to toughen them up. But when you want no rules, any rules are too tough.

TAKE ACTION! This legislation is simply outrageous. The legislature should demand that the MPCA finish the job, not remove the mandate to get it done.

1. Show up and testify on Monday, March 6 at 1 p.m. in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance Committee (Room 1200 of the Minnesota Senate Bldg.). To testify contact Committee Administrator Matthew Elfritz at 651-296-4167 or Please, let Bobby King at the Land Stewardship Project know if you sign up to testify or have questions at or 612-722-6377.

2. Contact members of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance Committee and let them know they need to oppose this bad bill.

• Sen. Carrie Ruud: 651-296-4913 or

• Sen. Bill Weber: 651-296-5650 or

• Sen. Chris A. Eaton: 651-296-8869 or USE MAIL FORM

• Sen. Jim Carlson: 651-297-8073 or USE MAIL FORM

• Sen. Steve Cwodzinski: 651-296-1314 or USE MAIL FORM

• Sen. Scott Dibble: 651-296-4191 or USE MAIL FORM

• Sen. Justin D. Eichorn: 651-296-7079 or USE MAIL FORM

• Sen. Mark W. Koran: 651-296-5419 or USE MAIL FORM

• Sen. Andrew Lang: 651-296-4918 or USE MAIL FORM

• Sen. Andrew Mathews: 651-296-8075 or USE MAIL FORM

• Sen. David Senjem: 651-296-3903 or

• Sen. Patricia Torres Ray: 651-296-4274 or USE MAIL FORM

Suggested message:

"You will hear Senate File 1310 on Monday in the Environment Policy Committee. This bill rolls back air quality controls on the frac sand industry. This legislation will put the health of rural people and neighbors of frac sand facilities at risk. In 2013, thousands of citizens demanded the frac sand industry be held accountable and not be allowed to pollute our air and water. As a result, a law was passed requiring the MPCA to develop air quality standards for the frac sand industry to protect the health of rural neighbors. This bill would repeal that and it is wrong. Citizens have devoted hundreds of hours to the process of developing these rules. Instead of repealing this requirement, you should demand the MPCA get the job done. Please, respect the health of the people forced to live near frac sand mines and oppose this bad bill."

Let us know what you hear. Please, share any response you get from legislators with Bobby King at 612-722-6377 or