Our Farm Crisis Fight Back Needs Your Help

Today, more than ever, we need to fight back against the farm crisis and support healthy rural communities, people, farmers, and families. Our fight back is rolling forward by getting our demanded solutions heard in the Minnesota Legislature. But right now with the outbreak of COVID-19, we're entering uncharted territory and we need your help to move forward safely and powerfully.

This is an uncertain time for all of us and our families. The pandemic situation that our communities are entering is first and foremost on everyone's minds. In this time of global viral outbreak, we are reminded how closely our health is tied to the health of the whole community. We know that we will be healthier if everyone has access to good, affordable healthcare, to use when it is needed. We also know that those under financial pressure are not in a position to respond the way they need to in this moment by staying home to take care of themselves when someone is sick and limiting travel overall.

If our communities, neighbors, and loved ones are going to get the solutions we need and deserve, we need to keep our push moving forward in this hard time. Take action with us now by contacting Minnesota House and Senate leadership and asking them to move forward on our farm crisis legislation and expanding MinnesotaCare to everyone who needs it.

Just like the farm crisis, the COVID-19 crisis is something we can overcome if we work together at the solutions, and do so safely so we can help flatten the infection curve. Please, take a moment to send this letter to your elected officials and ask them to make sure everyone has access to MinnesotaCare in this time of heightened crisis and that the farm crisis is not forgotten about in the mix.

We need to all work together to ensure that our loved ones and communities come out of this crisis and continue to be healthy and vibrant. That means helping each other and staying healthy yourself. We are strong when we work together.

Take Action From Home Now