Tell Your Members of Congress THANK YOU for Protecting Conservation

Last week, the U.S. Congress passed a key budget deal. The Land Stewardship Project has been engaged in the budget process because oftentimes funding used for conservation is siphoned off to appease corporate interests.

GOOD NEWS: Thanks to the grassroots action of LSP members and allies across the nation, Congress protected funding for the Conservation Stewardship Program.

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The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is a revolutionary approach to farm policy. For the first time in history, farmers can be rewarded financially for producing positive environmental benefits on working farmland such as clean water, wildlife habitat and soil protection. This is a dramatic departure from existing and traditional commodity and crop insurance programs, which have rewarded farmers for maximum production of a handful of crops while often penalizing them for diversifying.

The development of CSP not only provides farmers a financial incentive to maintain and add conservation measures, it marks the first time the USDA has publicly recognized the positive role diverse operations practicing “working lands conservation” can play in providing a public good. While more improvements to CSP are needed, it is very important to keep this program successful and fully funded at the national level.

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For more information on LSP's work related to CSP, click here.