Join LSP at Governor Dayton’s Water Summit

Saturday, February 27, in St. Paul, from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.; Spaces Are Filling Up Fast: Register Here

Clean, abundant water is necessary to sustain life. Stewardship of this public resource is essential, but corporate ag has polluted our water by pushing farming systems that are chemically intensive, damage the soil and use inordinate amounts of water. Governor Mark Dayton took bold leadership last year by pushing his "Buffer Initiative" and rightly calling out agricultural run-off as a water pollution crisis that must be addressed.

At the Land Stewardship Project, we know that clean water will not happen without increasing the diversity of crops on the land. Too much farmland is used for intensive corn and soybean production, most of it without cover crops, diverse rotations or buffer strips. For over 30 years, LSP has demonstrated how diversified farming systems can be profitable for farmers while improving water quality.

The Governor's Water Summit on Saturday, Feb. 27, is focused on creating solutions, so it's important that you help us ensure that developing diverse, sustainable farming systems are a major part of the discussion taking place at this event.

Plan to attend the Governor’s Summit by registering here. Let me know if you plan to attend so you can connect with other LSP members at the event.

Take the Governor’s Water Survey. When you do take the survey, emphasize the importance of diversified agriculture as necessary to achieving clean water. You can add comments as part of the survey. Here is a suggestion: “Governor Dayton, thank you for your leadership on water quality issues and the cleaning up of agricultural run-off. To achieve clean water in our state we must have more living cover on the land more months of the year. To do this our state must focus our resources on creating options and incentives for farmers to use diversified rotations, perennial crops and cover crops.”