Winter Grazing Workshop & Field Day Dec. 13 in Starbuck

STARBUCK, Minn. — Winter grazing of cover crops and its role in building soil health and improving water quality in row-cropped fields will be the subject of a workshop and field day Tuesday, Dec. 13, in Pope County. The workshop will be held at the Starbuck Community Center (307 E. 5th Street) from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., with a field tour following from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Dan and Linda Jenniges farm near Glenwood. Lunch will be provided. The fee is $25 for professionals; farmers and ranchers are asked to give a free-will donation. To reserve a spot or for more information, contact the Land Stewardship Project’s Robin Moore at 320-321-5244 or

The workshop will feature presentations by Dr. Allen Williams and Kent Solberg, who will speak about the connections between soil health and grazing, as well as what specific cover crops and seeding mixes work well in a grazing system. There will also be a discussion on the relationship between building soil health and improving water quality. The Land Stewardship Project will present on the Cropping Systems Calculator, which provides farmers a way to pencil out the economics of utilizing cover crops, grazing and other rotations in their production systems.

During the afternoon field day, participants will caravan to the Jenniges farm to see firsthand a winter grazing system. They will have an opportunity to ask questions about bale feeding, watering, fencing and the programs that support setting up a grazing infrastructure. The field day location is a half-mile north of the Jenniges farm near Glenwood (2287 Co. Rd. 10) on County Road 19.

This event is sponsored by the Land Stewardship Project, the Pasture Project, Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota.