CSA Farmers That Deliver to Twin Cities: M-W

Mary Dirty Face Farm
Rachel Henderson
N3060 630th St.
Menomonie, WI 54751
Phone: 612-280-2438
E-mail: info@marydirtyface.com
Website: www.marydirtyface.com

Certified organic Fruit and Apple Shares!

Located southeast of Menomonie, Wis., our orchard was established in 2009 with an emphasis on regenerative land use and biodiversity, and has been certified organic since 2016. We are drawn to perennial agriculture as a means to sustain the land so that it may sustain our family and community. We are also fruit nerds, and get very excited about the amazing diversity of flavors, textures, and experiences that come from uncommon fruits and varieties.

This is our 5th season offering a fruit CSA. Our fruit share is a great option for an adventurous palate, and we provide tips, recipes, and fruit trivia throughout the season. We deliver to the Twin Cities on Saturdays (in southwest Minneapolis and the Selby/Dale area of Saint Paul), and in Menomonie on Tuesdays.

Choose from 2 options:

  • Full Fruit Share: 10 deliveries, July to October, includes currants, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, plums, pears, and a large selection of apples. Deliveries are every week in July, then every-other-week, August through October.
  • Apple Share: 4 deliveries, September to October. Minimum three varieties of apples in each box (usually more!), plus pears and fall raspberries when available.

Both shares offer the opportunity to purchase additional quantities of fruit at wholesale pricing for canning and preserving. We also offer fall meat shares of pastured hogs — members get priority for sign-up. Limited number of work shares available; please contact us for more information.

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Morning Scape Farm
Lindsey Maas
N7849 County Road P
Spring Valley, Wis.
Phone: 715-410-2958
E-mail: morningscapefarm@gmail.com
Website: www.morningscapefarm.com

Morning Scape Farm is a small farm in Spring Valley, Wis., owned and operated by Lindsey and Tony Maas. While garlic is our specialty, we also raise grass-fed beef and lamb, and a wide variety of produce using sustainable farming practices. We serve customers in the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin through a CSA, farmers' markets, and online farm store.

The CSA includes 18 weekly deliveries on Tuesdays from early June into October. There are two share size options: a ¾ bushel share or a ½ bushel share. Shares will be filled with a variety of seasonal vegetables. Delivery options include drop-site delivery, home delivery, and on-farm pick-up.

Drop-sites are located in the following areas: Menomonie Market Food Co-op, Barlow Roots Market in Hudson, Saint Anthony Park Neighborhood in Saint Paul, Howe/Longfellow Neighborhood, Calvary Baptist Church in the Whittier Neighborhood, and Willard-Hay Neighborhood. Home delivery along our delivery route is also available, but spaces are limited.

Community is what we love about CSA. It allows us to connect with people nearby and back in our old home town, Minneapolis. We enjoy having folks visit the farm, especially during lambing season and garlic harvest.

To sign up for the CSA, go to the CSA page on our website, fill out the application form, and place a $50 deposit. For more information about our grass-fed beef and lamb, go to the farm store on our website. Please be in touch with any questions. Thank you!

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My MN Farmer
Jean Braatz
35100 191st Ave.
Montgomery, MN
Phone: 612-245-6271
E-mail: csa@mymnfarmer.com
Website: www.mymnfarmer.com

If you love getting an abundance of produce each week and eating with the seasons, a CSA may be for you. As your farmers, we strive to offer the best, freshest, and most delicious produce around. We offer more than 30 different varieties of vegetables and fruits over an 18-week regular season. We also offer Thanksgiving shares. Our main focus is on growing fruits and vegetables that most people know and enjoy. As a CSA member or non-member, you may visit our online store to purchase individual products.

We sell young, tender, tasty, broiler chickens raised on grass and sunshine, grass-fed beef shares, pastured pork, pastured lamb, and Thanksgiving turkeys as additional ways to feed your family with utmost confidence that you are eating quality food.

Our farm is situated on 40 acres, 30 miles south of the Twin Cities. We have slowly been growing the farm piece-by-piece, each year growing more food on healthier soils. You’ll benefit from the superior produce harvested from our 14 high tunnels. We are committed to growing our food free of chemicals in a natural and sustainable way and providing that food to you in its freshest, simplest form.

Come to the farm where you can bring home any “extras” we’ve been blessed with or choose one of 14 drop-sites. We celebrate with farm events (when we get back to normal) and love to show you how we grow your eco-ganic food.

Allow us the opportunity to be your farmer.

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Pearson Organics, LLC
Kristin Pearson
73072 327th Ave.
Lake City, MN 55041
Phone: 507-261-5098
E-mail: pearsonorganics@gmail.com
Website: www.pearsonorganicsfarm.com/sign-up

Pearson Organics is located in the Gilbert Creek Valley in Lake City, Minn. Nestled below the bluffs, the farm grows a wide variety of vegetables and certified organic seedlings. Our CSA is 100% customer choice! Our customized boxes are available the following days:

  • Delivered to 8 locations in the Twin Cities on Tuesdays.
  • Delivered to multiple locations in Rochester and the surrounding area on Fridays.
  • Farmers' market style pick up in Rochester on Mondays.
  • On-farm pick up in Lake City on Tuesday or Friday.

Our main season CSA runs every week June to September, with a follow-up fall share available every-other-week from October to December. Half and full shares are available. Payment plans are also available!

Pearson Organics is committed to:

  • Growing vegetables without chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.
  • Utilizing practices that maximize soil health and ecological resiliency.
  • Contributing to growing the food system and economy of our local communities and southeastern Minnesota in a sustainable manner.

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Shepherd Moon Farm
Julie Arnold
16987 260th Street
Lindstrom, MN 55045
Phone: 651-276-9093
E-mail: shepherdmoonfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.shepherdmoonfarm.com

Shepherd Moon Farm is located on 47 acres in the St. Croix River Valley. We are a family-run and female-operated farm committed to caring for the Earth, creating a vibrant local community, and developing the local economy. Our stewardship practices include growing vegetables free of chemicals using crop rotations, limited tillage, green manures, animal manure, and mulching. In 2017, Julie’s mother, who had started the CSA 11 years ago, passed the farm down to Julie. As the owner and operator, Julie is growing food on the land she grew up on.

Main season shares run for 17-18 weeks, June through October. A full-share is a bushel each week and feeds a family of four. Half-shares are a half-bushel every week — great for a family of two. There are options for additional shares as well — fall shares in November and December, spring shares in April and May, and add-on boxes for processing vegetables throughout the main season. We offer a sliding scale fee to make fresh produce available to everyone. Pick-up is on Thursdays.

You can come to the farm to pick up your share or pick up in the Midtown Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis. We grow a large variety of produce with 8 to 18 different vegetables, herbs, and occasional berries available each week.

We have a work requirement so our members can become more familiar with the farm. Come share in the experience of planting, growing, and harvesting by visiting the farm!

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TC Farm — Meat & Produce CSA
Jack McCann
10389 Baker Ave. SW
Montrose, MN 55363
Phone: 612-217-1770
E-mail: info@tc.farm
Website: https://tc.farm

With extended delivery service, TC Farm is the most customizable pasture-raised meat and organic produce CSA in Minnesota. Our deliveries easily fit into a standard refrigerator and freezer. None of our animals are fed genetically modified grains nor are they given hormones or antibiotics. Respect for animals and the environment is central to our work.

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Thorn Crest Farm
Gary & Maureen Vosejpka
11822 Cabot Ave.
Dundas, MN 55019
Phone: 507-645-4182
E-mail: info@thorncrestfarm.com
Website: www.thorncrestfarm.com

Thorn Crest is a small, family-owned farm overlooking scenic Wolf Creek in Dundas (Minnesota's Rice County). Located 30 minutes south of Valley Natural Foods (Burnsville), its 19 acres consist of rolling hills, pasture, woods, orchard, vineyards, and fertile fields.

At Thorn Crest, we have been growing produce without the use of herbicides and synthetic pesticides for over 25 years. We are committed to caring for our land and providing our members with a wide variety of fresh, nutritious, and great-tasting produce.

A membership includes a weekly share of produce, starting out light and increasing to anywhere from a ½ bushel to a full bushel of produce, depending on the season and growing conditions. The season runs 18 to 22 weeks, starting late May or the beginning of June. Members can pick-up their produce shares at the farm or at a drop-site located at Just Foods Co-op in nearby Northfield, or at Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville.

Pick-your-own opportunities may be available at the farm for certain crops. Members are invited and encouraged (at no additional charge) to take advantage of these extras. Possibilities may include peas, green beans, basil, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, and occasionally others. Members can cut their own bouquet from the cutting garden as the season progresses. Limited chicken/turkey/egg shares are available to members. Members are encouraged to stroll around the farm and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

We hope you'll join us for the next growing season. Growing produce is our passion; we'd love to be your farmer!

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Turnip Rock Farm & Cosmic Wheel Creamery
Josh Bryceson & Rama Hoffpauir
260 95th St.
Clear Lake WI 54005
Phone: 715-268-9311
E-mail: turniprock@gmail.com
Website: www.turniprock.com

As a member of Turnip Rock and the Cosmic Wheel Creamery you are part of a whole farm ecosystem. We strive for a balanced farm with many carbon-sequestering grazing acres and low-till, intensive vegetable gardening. You’ll have access to our 100% grass-fed artisan cheeses, whey-fed pastured pork, 100% grass-fed beef, plus family-friendly vegetables! Have a look at our website to see what you can expect when you join our CSA.

Large, Medium, and Small share options are available — customize a share to include vegetables, meat, cheese, and/or eggs. Weekly delivery on Thursdays. There is an online blog with recipes and photos, as well as e-mail reminders to let you know when your box has been delivered. Easy online sign-up and payment plans available. CSA members get the best of what we grow.

We are fulltime farmers, fully equipped with irrigation, wash stations, coolers, and a great crew to bring you the goods in good condition! Try our online store to keep you stocked up all year-round.

Drop-sites in TC Metro Area:
Robbinsdale, Stillwater Co-op, Roseville off Snelling and Roselawn, Sunnyside Gardens in Edina, Northeast Benjamin St. in Minneapolis, Butter Bakery in South Minneapolis, 38th and Hiawatha in South Minneapolis, Maplewood, Falcon Heights, Mississippi Market West 7th in Saint Paul.

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Tuttie Fruitties
Kristin Thompson
14220 Ostlund Trail N. Ste. B
Marine on Saint Croix, MN 55047
Phone: 612-709-8182
E-mail: tuttie.fruitties@gmail.com
Website: https://tuttiefruitties.square.site/2021-farm-csa

Tuttie Fruitties is a solo womyn-run certified organic farm selling organic produce and Minnesota seasonal organic juices! Going on their third season farming, Tuttie Fruitties is excited to offer a new opportunity for persons in the Twin Cities to enjoy fresh organic produce and juice through their CSA!

Drop-off locations:

• Wednesday nights at Nokomis Farmer's Market, 4 p.m.-7:30 p.m., 5167 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417
• Thursday nights at The Good Acre, 6 p.m.-7 p.m., 1790 Larpenteur Ave. W., Falcon Heights, MN 55113
• Saturdays at Northeast Farmers' Market, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 629 NE 2nd St., Minneapolis, MN 55413

Tuttie Fruitties' mission is "Providing nutrition in a fun, inspiring and easily accessible way; striving for health and well-being for humans, plants and the environment." Looking forward to getting to know our CSA members and connect with them through food and juice! Engaging together in the practice of taking care of ourselves, others and the earth!

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Urban Roots MN
Skyler Hawkins
463 Maria Ave. Ste 207
Saint Paul, MN
Phone: 651-228-7073
E-mail: shawkins@urbanrootsmn.org
Website: www.urbanrootsmn.org

Urban Roots is a youth development organization and urban farm that works with 14-18 year-olds to develop job skills and healthy living skills. In our gardens in East Saint Paul we produce vegetables and fruit for our 40+ CSA program. Your membership and support allows us to continue creating green spaces in East Saint Paul, address food insecurity, and build leadership amongst East Side youth! We also partner with Alemar Cheese and local coffee companies for cheese and coffee add-ons.

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Waxwing Farm
Anna Racer
4800 Dent Ave.
Webster, MN
Phone: 952-652-6552
E-mail: farmers@waxwingfarm.com
Website: www.waxwingfarm.com

Waxwing Farm is a diversified, 40-acre farm located in Webster, Minn. The heart of our operation is vegetables, but we believe that diversity is central to health. To that end, we raise pigs, chickens, flowers, and honeybees as well. We are also committed to leaving wild areas on our farm as habitat for native plants, pollinators, and other wildlife.

We grow chemical-free produce in the most sustainable way we can. Although we are not certified organic, we grow as if we were. We don't use any products or practices that aren't approved under the Organic Standards. There are no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or GMO crops, on our farm. Instead, we utilize diversity, rotations of crops and livestock, regular compost applications, and cover-cropping to maintain the health of our soils. We are always striving to improve our farm practices and we invite you to join us on that journey.

For our CSA, we offer an 18-week vegetable share that starts in mid-June and runs through mid-October. We pack ¾ bushel boxes and offer both full (weekly) and half (every-other-week) shares. Each week, we fill the boxes with 10 to 14 different vegetables, focusing on staple crops, but also growing some exotic varieties to keep things interesting. Add-ons include a fall storage share, egg shares, honey share, and pastured pork (by the whole- or half-hog).

Throughout the season, we host several member events on our farm: Strawberry U-pick Day (June), Garlic Harvest (July), and a Harvest Party (September). Our delivery options include: on-farm pickup, drop-site delivery, and home delivery in the Twin Cities Metro area.

We have drop-sites located in the Twin Cities Metro area:

  • Minneapolis — Powderhorn, Lake Hiawatha, Kenwood, Armatage, First Universalist Church
  • St. Paul — Como Park, St. Anthony Park, Highland Park
  • Greater Metro — Lakewinds Food Co-op (Richfield), Lakeville (Kingsley Lake), Just Food Co-op (Northfield)

• Apprenticeship/Employment Opportunities •

We are looking to hire one full-time and one part-time employee this season.

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