CSA Farms That Deliver to Outstate MN/Western WI

The Boreal Farm
Caroline Hegstrom
5205 Arnold Rd.
Duluth, MN 55803
Phone: 218-310-6060
E-mail: fresh@theborealfarm.com
Website: theborealfarm.com

The Boreal Farm is a diversified, USDA certified organic farm serving the Duluth and surrounding communities through Community Supported Agriculture in vegetables and broilers. The pick-up location is at our farm, where you can see right where your food is grown and harvested.

We take pride in growing the best possible food for you, our neighbors, and community. Transparency is the heart of what we do and we hold many certifications as a testament to this philosophy. Our farm is committed to building community through food, land stewardship, and supporting vibrant, diverse habitats and soils through our farming practices.

Members of our farm can choose full- or half-CSA shares with produce delivered from mid-June through September. Full-shares consist of a ½ bushel box of produce every week for 16 weeks and half-shares consist of a ½ bushel box every-other-week for 16 weeks. We raise mainly staple heirloom vegetables and herbs with some unusual vegetables for diversity, fun, and flavor.

Members are welcome to visit or volunteer throughout the season to nurture the connection they seek with their farm. Each share box includes a newsletter with simple but delicious recipes that will get you excited to turn your share box into tasty meals and snacks for yourself and family. First and foremost, we strive to provide you with just picked, ultra fresh, perfectly ripe produce that tastes awesome.

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Dancing Gnome Farm
Lauren Barry
17023 658th St.
Wabasha, MN 55981
Phone: 612-270-7237
E-mail: dancinggnomefarm@gmail.com
Website: www.dancinggnomefarm.com

Dancing Gnome Farm is a certified organic farm nestled in the bluffs outside Wabasha, Minn. We grow a splendid array of over 40 types of vegetables (300+ varieties!) and raise pastured laying hens. Our CSA boxes are a ½ bushel box packed with everything the season has to offer, from staples like carrots and salad greens to some of our favorites like edamame, pointed cabbages, and popcorn.

Membership options include:

  • Spring Greens Share
  • Half or Full Summer Share
  • Winter Storage Share
  • Eggs Share Add-On

Find pricing and details at www.dancinggnomefarm.com.

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Fireweed Flower Co
Madeline Davenport
7011/2 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057
Phone: 763-331-2954
E-mail: fireweedflowerco@gmail.com
Website: fireweedflowerco.com

Fireweed is a chemical-free flower farm and design studio. We offer a 10-week bouquet CSA subscription during the summer, in the Northfield area. We also design for weddings and events year-round, using farm-grown and locally foraged materials when in season. While the farm is closed to the public, we do host occasional on-farm workshops.

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Open Hands Farm LLC
Erin Johnson
4151 320th St. W.
Northfield, MN
Phone: 507-645-2871
E-mail: openhandsfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.openhandsfarm.com

Open Hands Farm is a 20-acre certified organic CSA farm located just two miles north of Northfield, Minn. We think that healthy food should not be a luxury, and that a CSA share is an inexpensive way to enjoy organic vegetables and fruit. Our shareholders come to the farm once-a-week from early June through the third week of October to pick-up their share of each week’s harvest, and can mix and match the in-season produce to meet their household’s likes and needs.

We also offer an abundant u-pick section (for shareholders only). The u-pick includes strawberries, peas, beans, herbs, cherry tomatoes and flowers, and is well-loved by people of all ages. U-pick crops are usually available on a take-what-you-can-use basis, and are a great opportunity for fresh eating, freezing, canning, and/or drying. We aim to have more than enough food available for our shareholders. The leftovers from CSA pick-ups are donated to the local food shelf in order to share this fresh, nutritious food with our friends and neighbors in need.

We believe in growing food sustainably and creating community around food, and have been happily farming here since 2006.

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Prairie Drifter Farm
Joan Olson
61369 223rd St.
Litchfield, MN 55355
Phone: 320-693-5502
E-mail: prairiedrifterfarm@gmail.com
Website: prairiedrifterfarm.com

Prairie Drifter Farm is a diversified, certified organic vegetable farm serving the Minnesota communities of Litchfield, Dassel, and Saint Cloud through Community Supported Agriculture. Pick-up locations include the farm, Litchfield Natural Food Co-op, Dassel Community Room, and the Good Earth Food Co-op in Saint Cloud.

Our farm is committed to building community through food, stewarding the land, and supporting vibrant habitat and soils through our farming practices. We are committed to social justice in the food system and work with the Harvest for the Hungry program to bring over 3,000 pounds of produce each year to local food shelves.

Members of our farm can choose full- or half-CSA shares with produce delivered from June through October. Full-shares consist of a ¾ bushel box of produce every week for 18 weeks and half-shares consist of a ¾ bushel box every-other-week for 18 weeks. We raise mainly staple vegetables and herbs, but include some heirloom and unusual vegetables for diversity, fun, and flavor in the kitchen. We partner with nearby farms to provide optional add-ons such as honey, dried beans, fruit, and grass-fed beef, and hold several member events on the farm each year that are geared toward a wide range of ages and interests.

Members are welcome to visit or volunteer throughout the season to nurture the connection they seek with their farm. Each share box includes a newsletter with simple but delicious recipes that will get you excited to turn your share box into tasty meals and snacks for your family. First and foremost, we strive to provide you with fresh, clean produce that looks great and tastes delicious.

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Real Food Hub
Beverly Dougherty
414 Becker Ave. SW
Willmar, MN 56201
Phone: 320-894-7901
E-mail: realfoodwillmar@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/REAL-FOOD-HUB-2211955279068222

Real Food Hub is a nonprofit dedicated to helping local farms succeed by helping people eat better. Real Food offers a year-round subscription to a weekly Bounty Bag of fresh fruits and vegetables that is delivered to your door. The produce selected is based on national dietary guidelines, so each Bounty Bag is nutritionally balanced.

Real Food works with eight regional farmers who practice organic and/or sustainable farming. These farms offer a wide-ranging variety of produce. The season-extension structures also ensure more local produce over a longer period of time.

Because Real Food delivers year-round, in the non-growing season we source certified organic produce from Co-op Partners Warehouse, a wholesaler that serves dozens of food co-ops and restaurants in the Twin Cities Metro and beyond. Real Food includes recipes each week featuring one or more items from the Bounty Bag and also hosts a monthly blog containing a variety of food-related information.

Real Food Hub houses a retail store, Fabulous Finds, featuring more local products (meats, chicken, turkey, eggs, cheeses, bread, grains, produce) that can be added to your Bounty Bag.

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Spring Wind Farm
Andrew Ehrmann

4433 320th St. W.
Northfield, MN
Phone: 970-389-5416
E-mail: farmers@springwind.org
Website: www.springwind.org

Come out to the farm each week, enjoy spending time with the land and your fellow CSA members, and choose exactly which veggies you want to take home! We don't box our produce...instead we display your food like a produce stand and tell you how many pounds to take based on your share size (choose between three sizes), and you pick out whatever you want to eat that week. We also offer U-pick crops at no extra cost — come pick fresh flowers, peas, green beans, herbs, etc., any day of the week. We love our CSA members and cultivate our farm as a community gathering spot...come join us!

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Threshing Table Farm
Jody Lenz
2249 150th St.
Star Prairie, WI
Phone: 715-248-7205
E-mail: threshingtablefarm@gmail.com
Website: threshingtablefarm.org

Threshing Table Farm has been operating as a CSA farm since 2007. We are located in Star Prairie, Wis., and we deliver to Hill Murray School, Stillwater, Hudson, Osceola, Somerset, and New Richmond, as well as have on-farm pick-up. Deliveries are on Thursdays, starting in June, and our season runs for 18 weeks.

Our farm offers naturally grown produce; we only use organic methods. This, in turn, ensures that the food we grow is healthy for you, the soil and our pollinators, and that it tastes amazing! We love having visitors out to the farm and encourage our members to join us for farm events. (We will only hold these events when we can do so safely.) Farm volunteers are also welcome.

We offer full-shares (a ¾ bushel box every week for 18 weeks) and half-shares (a ¾ bushel box every-other-week for a total of nine boxes). Each box has 10-14 different types of vegetables/herbs. Each share includes a weekly newsletter with news from the farm, a list of what’s in your box and recipes to help you use it. We grow all the basic vegetables, plus a couple that might be new to you to add a little variety. We work with farmer friends to bring you the opportunity to purchase other great farm products: strawberries, pasture-raised chicken, grass-fed beef, pork and more.

Please see our website for more information.

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Willie Nillie Farm
Kelsey Fitzgerald
30293 Wiscoy Ridge Rd.
Winona, MN
Phone: 507-304-5371
E-mail: willienilliefarmmn@gmail.com
Website: www.willienilliefarm.org

We are a small, sustainable, all off-grid, no-till Community Supported Agriculture farm located in Wiscoy Valley near Winona in southeastern Minnesota. Beginning our second season, we grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables using holistic methods. Valuing community connection, we personally deliver our shares Thursdays between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to a home in Winona where we chill on the porch and interact with our community members. Be a part of a farm that values fresh food, health-conscience living, and community, as well as supporting other local people and businesses.

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