Talking Stewardship & Food

Listed here are Land Stewardship Project podcasts featuring the voices of LSP members, staff and allies who are working to build a food and farming system that supports and rewards environmental sustainability, produces healthful food, builds wealth in the community and is socially and racially just. Check out all of our Ear to the Ground podcasts here.

Episode 240: What happens when you bring a group of food service chefs out to see how vegetables are actually grown?

Episode 219: LSP's Terry VanDerPol talks about recent LSP research into the problems faced by the local food movement.

Episode 194: Gardening space in the heart of the city brings people together over food, farming and fellowship.

Episode 160: Farm Beginnings graduates team up to create an innovative marketing cooperative in the Lake Superior region.

Episode 159: LSP and Hope Community work to bring racial equity to the Minneapolis Park System's urban ag initiative.

Episode 150: A community food co-op in a farm town rises from the rubble and begins its next chapter.

Episode 133: How 'Tribally Supported Agriculture' could help a Native American community attain food sovereignty.

Episode 130: An LSP member-farm helps spawn a CSA movement in China.

Episode 127: Farmer Tony Schultz talks about how Community Supported Agriculture can revitalize our food system and rural communities.

Episode 119: A community garden in a low-income neighborhood helps Denise Crews manage her Type 2 diabetes.

Episode 108: A closed diner serves as the epicenter of a rural community's efforts to make local food an economic driver.

Episode 79: A small rural school experiments with buying local, sustainable food.

Episode 77: Ken Meter maps a healthier food system.

Episode 76: A farmer describes his farm-to-school experience (part 2 of 2).

Episode 75: A farm-to-school checklist (part 1 of 2).

Episode 64: Will Allen, Growing Power, and defeating racism in the food system.