Tools for Farmers

Understanding Your Food Transportation Costs

During the past few years, the Land Stewardship Project has been working with farmers who are seeking more efficient ways of transporting to market the food they produce.

Find transportation worksheets, online calculators and other resources related to smoothing the road between field and fork, here.

LSP Fact Sheet: How U.S. Cities are Using Zoning to Support Urban Ag

This fact sheet describes how citizens in various cities have gotten local zoning rules modified to favor community gardens, farms, farmers' markets and other forms of urban agriculture.

LSP Local Food Handling Guidelines

LSP has helped develop a series of three fact sheets that provide guidelines on legally and safely selling food into local Minnesota markets. The three fact sheets are:

Sale of Shell Eggs to Grocery Stores & Restaurants in Minnesota.
Sale of Meat & Poultry to Grocery Stores & Restaurants in Minnesota.
Providing Safe, Locally-Grown Produce to Commercial Food Establishments & The General Public in Minnesota.

Checklist: Ten Things to Re-Think as You Build a Greenhouse & Grow

This is a checklist developed by LSP for a series of field days on setting up and operating greenhouses.