Transportation Costs Resources

• Online calculator for Three Delivery Options: "Direct," "With an Intermediary" and via a "Warehouse." Scroll to the bottom for the section called "Farm to School Distribution Cost Template"; this opens as an Excel spreadsheet, with each option in its own tab at the bottom of the page (remember to factor in your financing and insurance costs).

• Transaction Cost Case Studies for Six Iowa Food Producers. July 2007. Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture (short and readable, with practical conclusions and recommendations; see especially a chart on cost/mi., pg. 20).

• “Taking the high road to food transportation.” Land Stewardship Letter, Winter 2009, pg. 21 (includes a sidebar highlighting LSP's survey of farmers on critical issues related to transportation).

• Federal Department of Transportation charts and information on the costs of operating a range of cars, vans, and light trucks (includes good charts illustrating all costs).

• “Comparing the Structure, Size, and Performance of Local and Mainstream Food Supply Chains.” June 2010. ERR-99, USDA Economic Research Service ( readable research led by Rob King and others at the University of Minnesota using case studies and real numbers, including some in Minnesota; excellent charts).

• “Scaling Up: Meeting the Demand for Local Food,” December 2009 (a 30-pg. booklet of case studies, some in detail, plus an appendix with brief descriptions of other distribution models aimed at local and regional food).